Explore, Learn & Extend from 4 New DevExpress ASP.NET Demo Websites

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22 December 2011

Check out these 4 new demo websites that we released with DevExpress DXv2.

Featured Demos

Here's the individual links to each demo:

Webmail Client


Hotel Booking


Video Portal


Event Registration

You can also find them here on our updated ASP.NET demos page: http://demos.devexpress.com/ASP/

Learn & Extend

These demo websites show you:

- What's possible with different DevExpress ASP.NET products in one website

- How to create a similar website for your projects

   - Full source code for the demo websites is available with our installation

   - Feel free to extend and use any of the source code, images or styles

Full source code for C# & VB.NET

Full source code is available in the DevExpress DemoCenter application. Launch the DemoCenter from your 'Start' menu and click the red 'ASP' button. On this page you'll see these four icons. Solutions for both C# and VB.NET are available:


Beautiful & Touch-Enabled

Each of these demo websites show a different scenario. And not only does each demo incorporate our controls and leverage the latest technologies like jQuery, they also show a unique look and feel for each site:

Webmail Client - shows how to use several of the DevExpress ASP.NET major products like the ASPxGridView, ASPxScheduler and many more! And you can also test any of the DevExpress themes against this website by using the dropdown at the top right!



Event Registration - shows how to create an internet style website for events! This demo shows off a mobile-friendly interface with larger fonts, tabs and even a new look for ASPxScheduler:



Hotel Booking - shows how to create a stunning website using several of the DevExpress ASP.NET Editor controls:



Video Portal - Shows how to create your own YouTube-style video portal using DevExpress ASP.NET products like the ASPxDataView, ASPxTabControl, XtraCharts and more. In fact, check out the transitions when click on a video:



Download & Explore

Download DevExpress DXv2 today and explore the above ASP.NET demos. Then drop me a line below with your thoughts, thanks!


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