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03 February 2012

Check out this video interview with Mike Palgon who has created a very slick web portal using the visually-stunning DevExpress ASP.NET products.

Mike Palgon is a lead developer at HIMformatics, a Healthcare Information Technology consulting firm. And Mike has created a very interesting web portal to help manage various aspects of HIMformatics including: employees, subcontractors, clients, projects, employee forecasting, and expense reports.

Watch the video case study with Mike Palgon here:

Mehul Harry talks with Mike Palgon about HIMformatics website


In the video, Mike and I discuss his website design and which DevExpress ASP.NET controls he's using.

Learn more about HIMformatics and this website here:


Thanks Mike for showing off the slick HIMformatics web portal. I love the minimalist design of his website.


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Let's see what develops…

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richard morris
richard morris

Slick site.  I particularly liked his modification of the ASPxMenu for touch.  Does he have a second ASPxMenu in the submenu Template for the first, or does he manually make the submenu visible based on the chosen main menu item?

Is there a declarative way to get an ASPxMenu (say bound to a SiteMap) into this kind of layout?

11 February 2012
Michael Palgon
Michael Palgon

Thanks Richard.  To answer your question -- the menus are separate and I manually make the sub-menu (and certain sub-menu items) visible.  I created an XML schema to define sub-menu item visibility based on the selected main-menu item and the role (ASP.NET Role) of the user.  Using this XML document and Linq-to-XML, it was straightforward to dynamically configure the main-menu and sub-menu.

I'm not sure if there is a declarative way to implement this same (or similar, without the Roles filtering) functionality.

13 February 2012

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