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01 May 2012

Last week I posted about a slick ASP.NET wizard sample in our Code Central collection. There's an even better DevExpress ASP.NET wizard sample, check out this short 1 minute video about the DevExpress ASP.NET Event Registration sample website:

DevExpress ASP.NET Event Registration


This sample and 4 others are available with full source-code as Visual Studio web solutions when you install the latest DevExpress DXv2 version, available here:

Once you download and install DevExpress, you can find the Event Registration sample in your local 'Public Documents' folder. For example on my Windows 7 machine, it's located here:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress 2011.2 Demos\Components\ASP.NET\Common\CS\EventRegistration


Try it online

Play with the sample online now:


How's it work?

Similar to the Code Central sample, this Event Registration wizard uses the DevExpress ASPxPageControl with multiple tabs to control the flow of different views.


Download DevExpress today and then play with the full sample of the DevExpress ASP.NET Event Registration wizard. Enjoy and thanks!


Let's see what develops...

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