Create iPad-style Web Apps using DevExpress ASP.NET with DXperience v12.1

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14 June 2012

Check out the new "DevExpress Tablet Web Application" file project template and wizard that help you create stunning iPad friendly web projects in just a few clicks:

DevExpress Tablet iOS File Template

DevExpress ASP.NET Project Wizard

Leverage Your .NET Skills & Tools

I've heard from several enterprises that they want to have a mobile tablet experience without:

1. Losing their existing investment in ASP.NET.

2. Trying to find new talented resources to create native app experiences.

3. Or retraining their developers for a specific app platform (iOS, Android, etc.)

With the new DevExpress file template, you can have a functional iPad website in minutes. In fact, we've added fake data in the file template to help you get started by showing you how to data bind the controls.

ASP.NET 12.1 Mobile Webinar

Creating Applications for the iPad with DevExpress

iOS Guidelines & CSS Styles

Apple has specific guidelines for building and styling apps for their platform. When creating this template, we adhere to follow the Apple iOS guidelines so that you can get started fast. And because this is an ASP.NET project, you can simply upload and deploy it to your IIS web server and then view it from an iPad device.

We've even added specific styles for Portrait and Landscape modes so you'll have the ability to show different views based on device orientation.

New iOS Theme

This new tablet file project template uses the new DevExpress iOS theme. 


In our continuing effort to address your business needs, we have introduced a new iOS-like application-wide theme. Although this theme does not fully emulate iOS element appearance, it is designed and optimized for touch interfaces. We have modified the size of tap-able UI elements to fit the average size of a fingertip, thus making them fingertip-size control elements.

Learn more

Register and attend the upcoming "Take A Tour 12.1: Stunning- Right Platform. Right Design. Right Decision." webinar to learn more.

Click here to register:

Download 12.1

If you haven't done so yet, download the latest DXperience v2012.1 (part of the DXv2 series). And then try out the new tablet file project template.

Leave me a comment below with the URL of your ASP.NET web project that uses this new DevExpress file project template. Thanks!

DXperience? What's That?

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