2 great new features in the DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control (v2012.2)

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28 December 2012

The DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control just added two big features in the v2012.2 release:

Details View

DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager - Details View
(Click the image to see an online demo)

The DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control now supports a details view in the same way widows file explorer does. This allows you to show files inside the DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control as a multi-column table with ability to sort and filter the files. You can see a demo of the feature in my recent webinar:

New features for ASPxFileManager control

How do you enable it?

Set the FileManagerSettingsFileList.View property to “Details”. For example:

<SettingsFileList View="Details"> 
      ShowHeaderFilterButton="false" /> 

In the Details view mode, a file list is represented by a grid containing information about files. You can use the DetailsViewSetting property settings to customize the mode functionality. You can also set the FileManagerFileListDetailsViewSettings.ThumbnailSize and FileManagerFileListThumbnailsViewSettings.ThumbnailSize properties that allow you to specify the size of thumbnails for different modes.

Try the new functionality in the File Manager online now.


Multiple File Selection & Download All

DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager - Multiple Selection
(Click the image to see an online demo)

You can now enable multiple file selection in the DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager control and easily download the selected files using one button.

How do you enable it?

By default, this feature is disabled. To enable the multi-file selection, just set the EnableMultiselect property to true. You can also use the client-side SelectionChanged event to respond to file selection changing events. See a demo of the SelectionChanged event online now.

Try the new functionality in the File Manager - Multiple Files Selection demo now.


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