ASP.NET: Icon Library (What’s New in 13.2)

07 November 2013

Check out the slick new set of icons that we’re including for you in the next major release, 13.2:

DevExpress ASP.NET Icon Library

A new ASP.NET Icon Library is available for you to use with DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

Easy Setup with IconID

And, it’s integrated directly with our controls so you can easily choose and setup the icons. We’ve added the IconID property to many of our controls. For example, here’s the DevExpress ASP.NET Navigation bar control with the Items.Image.IconID property:


When the dropdown for the IconID is clicked, an editor dialog is displayed where you can easily choose an icon.

The IconID property is available for all images in our controls because we’ve added it the ImageProperties class.

Also, if an image is supposed to be disabled and you use the IconID, the disabled icon will be shown automatically when needed.

Pro Icons: Sizes & Color

The set of icons are professionally designed and we’ve pulled them from our fantastic and popular set of WinForms controls.

The icons available in two sizes: 16x16 or 32x32

And they’re available in color and gray scaled.

DevExpress ASP.NET Icon Library All

Look for the new Icon library and the IconID property in the next major release, 13.2, thanks!

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11 comment(s)

Allow external icons to be *batch* imported into the library then it would really rock.

7 November, 2013
Noufal Aboobacker 1

Is this feature avalanche for mvc

7 November, 2013
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

John, interesting suggestion, please add it to our support center so we can consider it for the future, thanks.

8 November, 2013
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Yes, but there is no designer in ASP.NET MVC so you'll be able to use a set of constants. ;-)

8 November, 2013
Mark Harby

Hi Mehul

As mentioned by John01, having the facility to import our own icon libraries into this would really work for us. We have invested a stash over the years in professional icon libraries.

12 November, 2013
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Mark,

We'll consider it for a future version for sure! Thanks.

12 November, 2013
Anibal Soto

how can I find a mapping from name to icon. I just get a drop down in the property list.

12 September, 2014
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Matthew,

Working on getting a help page with that mapping. For now, you can use that utility to see all the icons:

I've also made a small utility that you can use to search for icons (use filter box top right). If you double-click on a row, a popup will allow you to copy the name:

30 September, 2014
Scott van der Linden

Now that you have incorporated this technology into the VCL TcxImageList I would like to add my voice to John's idea.

I would also be interested in add-in packs of icons.  I have hundreds of icons at my disposal, but they lack cohesion because they come from icon sets I discovered on the internet and as a result their styles vary wildly.

My App uses around 200 icons, a third of which are contextual; another third are your icons.  The remainder are generic concepts such as lists, reports, calculations, groups, trees, forms, output, etc.  It would be great to buy more packs of icons from you that have the same style, but cover a lot more ideas.

Another option would be to have an icon generation system: a set of component parts that can be merged together to create more complex ideas.  Those components could be "tinted" like you have done with the person icon you use, and scaled (either continuously or at discrete sizes e.g. "main idea", "minor idea", and "flag".  Once designed it would be available in the library as both 16 and 32 pixel sizes.  

Obviously the custom part of the library would need to migrate between machines and survive upgrades.

3 October, 2014
Alex M (DevExpress)

Hi Scott,

The VCL Image Picker dialog allows you to import external icons to the Icon Library. Since the dialog obtains its content dynamically based on the folder structure, you can add new icon collections and categories in addition to our Images and Grayscale Images collections and their categories. To accomplish this, just create corresponding folders and subfolders in the "<DevExpress VCL installation folder>\ExpressLibrary\Source\Icon Library" folder and copy your own icons to them. Each time the Icon Library is initialized (once per session in your IDE), it scans the "Icon Library" folder for folders and subfolders, and populates the Collection and Categories lists in the Image Picker dialog accordingly.

6 October, 2014
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


There's now a tool you can use to explore the DevExpress set of icons:

25 March, 2015

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