ASP.NET: Icon Library (What’s New in 13.2)

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07 November 2013

Check out the slick new set of icons that we’re including for you in the next major release, 13.2:

DevExpress ASP.NET Icon Library

A new ASP.NET Icon Library is available for you to use with DevExpress ASP.NET controls.

Easy Setup with IconID

And, it’s integrated directly with our controls so you can easily choose and setup the icons. We’ve added the IconID property to many of our controls. For example, here’s the DevExpress ASP.NET Navigation bar control with the Items.Image.IconID property:


When the dropdown for the IconID is clicked, an editor dialog is displayed where you can easily choose an icon.

The IconID property is available for all images in our controls because we’ve added it the ImageProperties class.

Also, if an image is supposed to be disabled and you use the IconID, the disabled icon will be shown automatically when needed.

Pro Icons: Sizes & Color

The set of icons are professionally designed and we’ve pulled them from our fantastic and popular set of WinForms controls.

The icons available in two sizes: 16x16 or 32x32

And they’re available in color and gray scaled.

DevExpress ASP.NET Icon Library All

Look for the new Icon library and the IconID property in the next major release, 13.2, thanks!

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