ASP.NET: Image Zoom Control (Coming soon in 14.1)

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20 May 2014

Check out the slick new ASP.NET Image Zoom control that's coming in the v14.1 release:

DevExpress ASP.NET Image Zoom Control

The DevExpress ASP.NET Image Zoom extension provides you with the ability to display images in high-resolution detail. ImageZoom combines two image zoom effects. Hovering over the image displays a zoomed area, a click on the image enlarges it in a full-screen popup.

With the Image Zoom control you get the same features and functionality as the large retail product websites like or


The new ASP.NET ImageZoom control ships with the following features:

  • Zoom on hover.
  • Enlarge an image in a full-screen popup window on click.
  • Ability to change a Zoom Window's position and size.
  • Ability to zoom inside an image.
  • Ability to specify captions for Zoom and Expand windows.
  • Hint support.

Navigate and Zoom

The ASP.NET ImageZoom control can be used in conjunction with the ASP.NET ImageZoom Navigator. This allows you to navigate through a set of images as necessary. When used together, the following features are available:

  • Navigation through a collection of images.
  • Binding to an image collection.
  • Binding to a folder containing images.
  • Ability to automatically generate images and thumbnails in bound mode.

ASP.NET WebForms and MVC

The new Image Zoom control is available as a WebForms Control and ASP.NET MVC extension in the 14.1 release. The same great features are available in both platforms!

Download Now

Download the 14.1 beta now and try the new Image Zoom control in your Visual Studio instance. To get the 14.1 beta, make sure your DevExpress license is current.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the new Image Zoom control.

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