ASP.NET: Mulberry Theme (Coming soon in v14.1)

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01 June 2014

Check out the beautiful new Mulberry theme for DevExpress ASP.NET products that coming soon in the v14.1 release:


Moderno and CSS3

The new Mulberry theme is based on our popular Moderno theme. The great news about this is that both Moderno and now Mulberry are based on CSS3. So you can use them to create beautiful custom themes using this great new feature of our ASP.NET Theme Builder tool:

DevExpress ASP.NET Beautiful custom themes

DevAV Demo

We've done a lot of hard work in the v14.1 release to show how you can create beautiful apps with DevExpress products. So for all platforms in this release you’ll find a demo called "Outlook Inspired App". Internally, we called the DevExpress ASP.NET version of this demo: "DevAV". :)

For the ASP.NET version of the DevAV demo, we wanted a specific new look that was clean, beautiful, and new. And so, our genius designers came up with the Mulberry theme!

DevAV2 DevAV3

Less Padding

One of the key differences for the Mulberry theme from Moderno is that the padding sizes are smaller than Moderno. The other big difference is the base color is set to Mulberry.

What do you think of this theme? Drop me a line below.


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