ASP.NET Data Grid: Enhancements (Coming soon in v14.2)

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19 November 2014

The excellent DevExpress ASP.NET GridView (or DataGrid) control is getting even better with the v14.2 release!

Check out these features that will be available for both ASP.NET WebForms and MVC versions of the GridView:

Instant Search Panel

I love this feature because it adds one simple but powerful way to filter the GridView. The new 'instant search panel' feature adds one textbox at the top of the GridView that provides an easy and straightforward way for end-users to locate data. Much like how Microsoft Word's Find feature works.

Enter text within the Find box and the grid will display those records that have matching values:

DevExpress ASP.NET Grid Control - Instant Search Panel

It's a feature that we've had in our WinForms DataGrid, XtraGrid, for a while and I'm happy to say that we've now ported it for ASP.NET.

Fixed Group Rows

With this update, the DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View can anchor a grouped row to the topmost region of its container as it scrolls records contained within a specific group:

DevExpress ASP.NET Grid Control - Fixed Group Rows

This helps your end-users see the current grouping of the rows easily and quickly.

New Excel® Data Export Engine

The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid Control uses a new, more powerful Excel data export engine. Both the performance and memory usage of this new engine have been significantly improved.

The following grid features are fully supported for all Excel export operations:

  1. Data Grouping - with the ability to collapse/expand groups within a worksheet
  2. Data Sorting and Filtering - allowing end-users to display relevant data in the desired order
  3. Totals and Group Summaries - with the ability to modify/change formulas
  4. Data Validation for Combo-box Columns
  5. Fixed Columns

Learn more here

DevExpress ASP.NET Grid Control - Data Group and Summary

What do you think about the new GridView features in the v14.2 release? Drop me a line below. Thanks!

Mehul Harry
Twitter: @MehulHarry

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