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11 December 2014

Here's an improvement to the DevExpress ASP.NET demos that helps you to learn faster. It does not have a name so I'm calling it 'relevant code highlighting' or 'demo code - the good parts':

DevExpress ASP.NET Demo Code Highlight

Good parts - Highlighted

All the DevExpress ASP.NET demos now highlight the relevant code bits of the demo that you're viewing.

For example, in the image above, only the HTML markup and JavaScript code that is necessary for the multiple selection demo have been highlighted. But other code is still there to give us proper context

Take a look the demo online here: DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager Demo - Multiple File Selection

In a standard ASP.NET page we need various bits of code to display. But when you're looking at a demo, you don't want to hunt through the code to find which items are the ones needed for that particular feature.

So our new online demos for v14.2 release highlight the relevant bits of code and saving you time.

It's the little things

This may seem like small feature but any UI changes that improve our life by saving time and giving us better context are worth it.

Try the new v14.2 demos

Check out all the DevExpress demos:

Then let me know what you think about this new feature and how we can make our online demos even better. Thanks.

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