Video: Create an MVC Website Inspired by Microsoft

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02 April 2015

Watch the "Create an MVC Website Inspired by Microsoft" video:

In the webinar, I discuss one of the ways that you can port a large (and beautiful) website, DevAV sample, to ASP.NET MVC.

Demo source code

You can download the source code of the demo project that I used in the webinar here:


I recommend that you also watch the WebForms version of this webinar:


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Michael Munnis
Michael Munnis

This is a great demo Mehul, thank you!  Are you planning to build this demo out any further to continue showing how to implement DevAV Webforms as an MVC application?  Of particular interest would be:

- Modal form for editing employees

- Modal custom filter popup, and saving those custom filters

- Predefined/Custom filter nav (on left of app)

- Report integration

I should have just said the rest of the app. :)

Thanks again for this great demo.



14 April 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Michael,

Thank you! For the full version of the demo, it's something we want to create for a future release [just have to find the time in between all the features/controls :) ].

Once it's available, I'll create part 2 (or redo) this webinar.

15 April 2015
mover mover
mover mover


an error in the connection to the


Context.Items[storageKey] = new DevAVDb(connectionString);?

Please help me!!

19 August 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Please contact and they can help you.

19 August 2016

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