ASP.NET Responsive/Adaptive Layout Enhancements (v15.1)

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26 May 2015

In the 15.1 release, the DevExpress ASP.NET controls provide you even more responsive and adaptive features.

We added major features for responsive behavior from out ASP.NET controls in the last v14.2 release. And now we're continuing to improve our ASP.NET controls to get the most reach in a world where browser sizes and devices is constantly changing.

Check out the two ASP.NET controls that have been enhanced for responsive/adaptive behavior:


DevExpress ASP.NET Responsive Menu

The DevExpress ASP.NET Menu control can automatically resize or hide its items when the browser window is resized.

The menu control can hide items from the main menu and show them in a special popup menu if there is no space to show all the items in the main menu. You can even specify which menu items take priority and which items will be hidden. To enable this feature simply set the EnableAdaptivity property to true.


DevExpress ASP.NET - Responsive FormLayout Control

The DevExpress ASP.NET Form Layout (ASPxFormLayout) control allows you to build adaptive edit forms with ease. The Form Layout can collapse its content from several columns to a single a column. - It can also rearrange its editors to one column and move their caption, help text, and validation message above or under depending on the resolution.

The Form Layout adaptivity settings can be accessed by the SettingsAdaptivity property. To enable this functionality, set the AdaptivityMode property to SingleColumnWindowLimit.

When adaptive mode is enabled, the Form Layout control automatically changes its layout when the browser window is resized. When the browser window inner width is less than or equal to the value specified by the SwitchToSingleColumnAtWindowInnerWidth property, control content is reordered into one column. The editor captions are displayed above or below the editor (based on the initial position).

In this animation above, the Form Layout control displays its editors in a single column when the browser window width is less than 800 pixels.

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