ASP.NET Data Grid - Card View (Preview Release)

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27 May 2015

Check out the new DevExpress ASP.NET Card View control, providing a Microsoft Outlook-inspired Contacts View with integrated data shaping and editing capabilities:

DevExpress ASP.NET Card View - Popup Edit Form

It's part of the v15.1 release and it's packed with great features.

Card view

A card view interface provides the end-user with information on cards rather than just rows and columns of a grid table. If you've used Microsoft Outlook's Contact interface then you've experienced card view:

Based on Grid and Data View

The new ASP.NET Card View is based on the powerful DevExpress ASP.NET GridView and DataView controls. So it shares many of their great feature set and ability to databind so just about any data source.


DevExpress ASP.NET Card View - Templates

This community technology preview of the DevExpress ASP.NET Card View control includes these features:

  • Server mode
  • Data sorting
  • Data filtering (the search panel, header filter, filter control)
  • Data editing ( two edit modes are provided)
  • Templates
  • Card focusing
  • Card selection
  • Built-in pager
  • Endless paging
  • Responsive UI

The new ASP.NET Card View control is also responsive! This means that once you set the Width to 100%, then the Card View control will resize with your browser. And the items inside the Card View control will expand and collapse as necessary.

Preview version (CTP for v15.1)

We're releasing it as a community technology preview. Why? Because it's a slick new control that we're still perfecting.

However, the new ASP.NET Card View control has enough of a feature set that we'd love for you to test drive and give us your feedback.

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