ASP.NET Data Grid - Binary Image Editor (Coming soon in v15.1)

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28 May 2015

In the v15.1 release, we've added editing functionality to the DevExpress ASP.NET Binary Image control. This powerful new feature provides your end-users with a fast and easy way to upload images directly to the web server:

DevExpress ASP.NET Binary Image Editor

The Binary Image control displays images from a binary stream.

ASP.NET GridView Benefits

The Binary Image control is a standalone control. And the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView uses this control when you have a BinaryImageColumn type. This means that your end-users will get the same benefits image editing capabilities in the GridView:

New EditingSettings Property

By default, the new edit functionality is disabled. To use the new edit feature, simply set the EditingSettings.Enabled property to true and your end-users can edit (upload) images.

Upload control

Btw, the new edit feature uses the versatile DevExpress ASP.NET Upload control internally to provide the upload functionality! Reuse, ftw!

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