ASP.NET vNext - DevExpress Plans for ASP.NET 5

04 August 2015

Update: Announcing DevExtreme ASP.NET 5 TagHelpers - Available Now

DevExpress ASP.NET customers have been curious about the changes coming with ASP.NET vNext (aka ASP.NET 5), so let me take this opportunity to announce our plans:

  1. We will support ASP.NET 5.
  2. In fact, we're working hard on an upcoming release that will support ASP.NET 5.

The new version now has an official name, "ASP.NET 5" and for the rest of this post, I'll use that term. To be clear, ASP.NET vNext is Microsoft's term for the next version of ASP.NET that they are working on.

Which release will support ASP.NET 5?

The specific DevExpress release is still to be determined because as ASP.NET 5 is still in beta. Here's Microsoft schedule:

ASP.NET 5 Schedule and Roadmap

Because ASP.NET 5 will be released in early 2016, we expect to support ASP.NET 5 with DXperience v16.1 release.

There is a possibility that we could release some bits in DXperience v15.2. Take a look at the feedback section below for more info.

What is ASP.NET 5?

ASP.NET 5 is a significant redesign of ASP.NET. -Daniel Roth, ASP.NET 5 Docs

The Microsoft ASP.NET team has been working hard on the next version of ASP.NET. And there are major changes. And yet, many of the things that you know, will still work the same.

To understand what's coming with ASP.NET 5, I highly recommend you:

  1. Watch this video:

Introduction to ASP.NET 5
2. Or, read the docs.
3. Or, check out the links that Jon Galloway has compilied on this blog post: A 30 Minute Look At ASP.NET vNext
4. Or, check out any of the other great resources listed here:
5. Or, all of the above.

DevExpress Plans

Here is our plan to support ASP.NET 5:

New Runtimes

Before I discuss our plans, it's important to understand the different runtimes. This image shows the two major runtimes:

.NET 2015

Full .NET Framework 4.6

The .NET Framework 4.6 runtime is an incremental upgrade to the existing .NET v4.5 line. And therefore, it's backward compatible and provides all the framework features (WebForms, MVC 5.x, etc.). This framework provides the easiest path for upgrading an existing .NET project.

All DevExpress ASP.NET WebForms controls and MVC extensions work with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 runtime today.

.NET Core 5

As Daniel Roth mentioned above: "ASP.NET 5 is a significant redesign of ASP.NET". And at the heart of it is the new .NET Core 5 runtime.

The .NET Core 5 runtime is a new implementation of .NET that is server-focused and optimized for server and cloud workloads. It's also cross-platform which means you can run it on Linux and OSX:

.NET Core 5 is a modular runtime and library implementation that includes a subset of the .NET Framework. Currently it is feature complete on Windows, and in-progress builds exist for both Linux and OS X. -Steve Smith, ASP.NET 5 Docs

But writing for ASP.NET 5, using .NET Core 5, is very different than what you know today. WebForms and MVC 5.x are not included in this framework. It has been architected in a very different way for web development. Therefore, you cannot use current DevExpress ASP.NET controls with .NET Core 5.

However! There is good news. ASP.NET 5 favors client-side libraries for user interface. Therefore, we plan to leverage DevExtreme (DevExpress' client-side JavaScript framework and widgets).

Short Term Goal:

We plan to create wrappers and provide an easy experience for you to use DevExtreme widgets with ASP.NET 5. We have started this development work already and our non-visual documents library: Spreadsheet, RichEdit(Word), and PDF processing are close to being done.

Long Term Goal:

While the DevExtreme UI widget library does not have as many controls as our ASP.NET subscription, it is growing with each release.

And finally, we have do have some interesting ideas to bring you rich and powerful controls for ASP.NET 5. Stay tuned.


If you are highly interested in ASP.NET 5 and DevExpress integration, then please leave a comment below. Your feedback will help us decide on what bits and which release we may target.


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32 comment(s)
Joel Weiss - PC

The link of

>> ASP.NET 5 is a significant redesign of ASP.NET. -Daniel Roth, "ASP.NET 5 Docs"

points to a wrong url, it should point to

4 August, 2015
Martin Darilek

Hello, have You heard about DotVVM project ( It is similar to ASP.NET WebForms, but on ASP.NET 5 :-) I like the way, how this framework manages control state between postbacks. I'm evaluating it with possibility write DevExtreme wrappers on it

4 August, 2015
George Fahnbulleh_1

Microsoft seems determined to take the "visual" out of "visual studio"

5 August, 2015
Ian Pook

Mehul...could you say a word or two about the 'Short Term Goal' and more specifically the 'Long Term Goal' for the DX ASP .NET WebForms product line (given the direction of the new framework)?

5 August, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Joel, thanks, fixed.

Martin, have not heard of it, let me know how your experiment goes please. @Mehulharry on twitter

George, I hope that DevExpress tools can help with modern web development. :)

Ian, Yes, we will adapt our DevExtreme widgets to work with ASP.NET 5.


6 August, 2015
Ian Pook

Hi Mehul....slight misunderstanding....I was asking about the future of the ASPx product line (given the direction being taken by MS with the .NET framework). Cheers.

6 August, 2015
Hedi Guizani

What about XAF the move was not made to MVC, will it be done this time to ASP.NET 5?

8 August, 2015
Michael W. Böckle

Hello Mehul, does this mean, that your Webform / MVC component suites in future will make use of the DevExtreme controls in order to work on the ASP.NET 5 / MVC 6 platform?  

9 August, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


The .NET 4.6 runtime supports our current ASPx and MVCx products. So, the current DevExpress ASP.NET product line is being actively developed for and doing very well. :)


Yes, for the ASP.NET 5 with .NET Core 5 runtime, because this new runtime does not include WebForms and MVC 5.x frameworks.

10 August, 2015
NorthGates Systems

Hi Mehul, great time to be a developer. So DXperience will be able to target .Net Core in the near future? I am moving from Webform to MVC and would like to target MVC 6 for a new project since I am just learning the new paradigm.

10 August, 2015
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Hedi: We are excited of ASP.NET 5 and are certainly considering all its capabilities for benefits of our customers. It's, however, too premature to make any concrete announces at this stage. For now, if you have already tested vNext bits yourself, would you please detail the main key benefits of this move for your business clients and also for you as an XAF Web developer? Or, please list the most important XAF development problems (based on our current XAF projects) you hope to handle by this transition. With that essential information, we will be in a better position to improve our tools to better meet your needs. Thanks for your answer in advance.

11 August, 2015
Amro El-Fakharany

Great news.

A full featured Scheduler would be awsome in the short term.

15 August, 2015
Sviluppo TopSistemi

Core 5/ASP.NET 5/MVC 6 is quite different from current .NET 4.6/ASP.NET/MVC 5 but it would be very useful to provide an (also partial) upgrade path from you current MVC suite and the future one to simplify the porting of existing web applications

3 September, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks for feedback and I agree, they are very different. Our first goal will be to provide UI controls that address the our customers' needs. And we'll keep thinking of ways to make the transition easier, whether it's videos, webinars, samples, etc. :)

3 September, 2015
Claus Bogner

I just started to switch my project from Webforms to MVC 5... it was a hard decision whether to use MVC 5 or directly go for MVC 6... I know my new app will be outdated in a year... on the other hand, I don't want to rely on a beta framework (and I assume it still needs some time until DevExtreme will be as comprehensive to completely replace MVC).  However, I'm very excited about vNext. :)

10 September, 2015
Rosie Solis

We use the menu and the datagrid in the current devexpress framework.   I have looked at dxMenu and dxDataGrid.  

Can we get the same performance for the dxDataGrid... when we have very large number of records we are using the features of the current mvc that ties the server side data cache to the client side limited retrieval.   I see some features of this in the dxdataGrid but would like to know what load testing has already been done.   Secondly we are doing programatic security trimming on the mvc menu and this works well..   I am looking at the dxMenu and it looks like it should be able to handle security trimming but I see no example of this... we could spend the time to create, but would like to have an example to decrease the time it will take to port to DexExtreme.

8 December, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


DevExtreme DataGrid performance is very good. You can take a test drive from the demos online:

I recommend that you do a small sample with your own local data to see how well it will work for you.

As for the sample, we'll consider it for a future release.


8 December, 2015
Mike (DevExpress Support)
17 December, 2015
Mikhail Kozylov

Hi all, is there any pre-release version of DXperience that will work with vNext?

Unfortunately i cant use DevExtreme ASP.NET 5 TagHelpers

22 December, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Mikhail,

If you use .NET 4.6 full framework then the current DXperience version will work just fine with it.

If you wish to use the new .NET Core 5 then you'll need to use the DevExtreme TagHelpers.

23 December, 2015
Abdu Bukres 4

I would like to use DevExtreme but the lack of xtraReports support is holding me back. DevExtreme needs a reporting control.

27 January, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks for the feedback. Could you please email me at I'd like to ask a couple of questions about your scenario please.

28 January, 2016
Randy Cooper

Is there an ETA on xtraReports? This is the only thing holding us back from upgrading.

7 March, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks for the feedback. We are investigating the possibility of bringing many of our products to ASP.NET Core. We'll announce more once ASP.NET Core is released.

8 March, 2016
Michael Williamson

ASP.NET Core components pleaseeeee

23 May, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Michael,

Our latest TagHelpers are available now:

If you test them, please give us some feedback on our github page.


23 May, 2016
Alan Livingstone

Is it possible to get an update on the way forward?  Will there be core components like we currently see, or will the only option be going with TagHelpers, and if I'm correct in thinking these are not included with the DXperience subscription.

7 June, 2016
Graham O'Riley

Are we going to see a ASP.NET Core Pdf viewer control? We never had one for webforms or MVC 5. A true pdf or document viewer would be an excellent addition.

A google search reveals numerous requests for such a control. Fingers crossed it is in your development plans.


10 October, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Emailed you as I need some more info. Thanks.

10 October, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Yes, we have ASP.NET MVC Wrappers for core too. More info here:


10 October, 2016
Karol Kosinski

ASP.NET MVC provides controls like RichText, Spreadsheet. With introduce .NET CORE you plan ASP.NET vNext. Will and if, when, these controls be available in .NET Core? Which controls will be available in shortest time in .NET Core?


13 January, 2017
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
13 January, 2017

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