ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit - v15.1.3 - Maintenance update available

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18 August 2015

A new release of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, v15.1.3, is now available. We've included several bug fixes and new features.

You can download the latest release here:

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v15.1

Click the download button above and the get the latest bits.

Or use the Nuget package: ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Nuget package

(If you missed news about the latest v15.1 ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit release then please read this helpful blog post.)

v15.1.3 Includes:

1. Bug fixes

  • Item 15788 - UpdatePanelAnimationExtender OnUpdating runs on every postback
  • Item 27072 - SliderExtender within UpdatePanel causes vertical scrollbar to scroll in Chrome and Safari
  • Item 27243 - Double HTML attributes rendered by TabPanel
  • Item 27294 - Issue with multiple AsyncFileUpload Control
  • Item 27369 - AjaxFileUpload: Drag and Drop is not working on IE10 for Windows 7
  • Item 27373 - PieChart doesn't render all segments correctly
  • Item 27434 - Keyboard Selection not Working
  • Item 27470 - TextBoxWatermarkExtender causes autocompletetype not to work
  • Item 27481 - Error in Masked edit validator
  • Item 27511 - img/png
  • Item 27547 - HtmlEditorExtender Causing Javascript Error on IE 11
  • Item 27566 - Multiple image upload using html editor extender control
  • Item 27595 - Mask Edit Extender Issue
  • Item 27612 - Editor Extender JAVA script error
  • Item 27655 - Corrupted Files in AjaxFileUpload
  • Item 27717 - HtmlEditorExtender error with Chrome 36.0.1985.125
  • Item 27735 - FileUpload Control Displays Upload Button with No Files
  • Item 27745 - Javascript error in Chrome with HtmlEditorExtender: Uncaught IndexSizeError
  • Item 27764 - MaskedEditExtender type Date fails with "hu-HU" culture
  • Item 27812 - Version 15.1 TabContainer CSS Inconsistency for Disabled Tabs
  • Item 27813 - Focus hidden tabs
  • Item 27844 - CascadingDropDown populated event not working as (I) expected
  • Item 27846 - TabContainer in 15.1
  • Item 27853 - AjaxControlToolkit 15.1 Combobox VS2013
  • Item 27855 - Where is ComboBox predefind theme images?
  • Item 27857 - SliderExtender handle image align broken in vertical orientation
  • Item 27858 - MaskedEdit extender culture setting issue
  • Item 27860 - big issue: htmlextender bug
  • Item 27865 - Using AJAX Password Strength with Modal Popup
  • Item 27875 - v15.1.x ValidatorCallout static images - incorrect path with ScriptManager.EnableCdn= false
  • Item 27892 - HtmlEditorExtender: BackColor and ForeColor buttons is not working

2. Features and improvements:

  • Item 8626 - Slideshow effects
  • Item 27075 - Table Border/CellPadding/CellSpacing - Replace with CSS

3. Sample site updates:

4. Internal improvements:

Client testing introduced.


Helpful documentation articles are available on the CodePlex site:


Get the latest ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v15.1.3 release and let us know your feedback by reporting it here.

How to upgrade to v15.1.3

Please take a look at the 'How to upgrade to v15.1 release' article to see how to migrate your existing ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit projects to the new v15.1.3 release.

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