ASP.NET Query Builder (Coming soon in v15.2)

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30 November 2015

Good news, there is a new ASP.NET control, in the v15.2 release, that allows your end-users to visually build queries! And you can then apply those queries on existing DevExpress controls like the ASP.NET GridView.

Here's a screenshot of the new Query Builder control's UI:

The Query Builder functionality was first introduced as part of our XtraReports' new web report designer. Many of you have requested this as a separate/independent control (and we agree).

Your power users will love this feature as it provides them a visual way to create their own queries.

Query Builder (Preview)

We're introducing the new DevExpress ASP.NET Query Builder control as a preview version in the v15.2 release because it's we're still perfecting it. However, the new ASP.NET Query Builder control has enough of a feature set that we'd love for you to test drive it and give us your feedback.


The DevExpress ASP.NET Query Builder allows your end-users to visually construct SQL queries and return a string containing a SELECT statement. So it contains great features like:

  • The database schema is automatically obtained and displayed within the QueryBuilder's UI.
  • Ability to visually edit 'WHERE', 'ORDER BY' and 'GROUP BY' query clauses.
  • Relationships between tables are automatically resolved based on foreign keys.
  • Query results preview.

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Marcin Chojna
Marcin Chojna

Maybe for WinForms developers this will be added on in the near future... :).

30 November 2015

That will be awesome to have this for WPF / Win Forms.


30 November 2015
Anurag Mahato
Anurag Mahato

what about WPF ?

1 December 2015

The same question as said Anurag Mahato, What about WPF ?

2 December 2015
Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner

What about WinForms? :)

9 December 2015
Simon Bonanno
Simon Bonanno

Will it accept parameters in the WHERE clause?

15 September 2016

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