ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit - New Release v16.1 and GitHub Hosted!

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10 March 2016

A new release of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, v16.1, is now available. We've included new features and several bug fixes.

One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary since DevExpress released the first version of the updated ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit:

March 2015 - Announcing the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit - v15.1

And it has been one and half years since we took over maintenance (and care) of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit:

September 2014 - LONG LIVE The Ajax Control Toolkit - Open Source and now maintained by DevExpress

As we continue to fix and improve the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, we would like to encourage more developer interaction with this open-source library. So it's time to make a major move to help the library:

Hello Github, Goodbye CodePlex

The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit respository has now officially moved from CodePlex to Github.

DevExpress ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit GitHub

We chose Github because it is a great community of open-source developers and projects. And because the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is an open-source project, we would love to have more developers get involved and submit their code.

If you have never used GitHub then take a look at their free great getting started guide: GitHub Bootcamp


The documentation has been ported and is now hosted on GitHub as well:

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Documentation


The CodePlex page will now be mostly deactivated with redirect links to GitHub. If you need to report an issue, please use GitHub:

How To Report An Issue

Download v16.1

You can download the latest release here:

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v16.1

Click the download button above and the get the latest bits.

Or use the Nuget package: ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Nuget package

Or download the installer and/or source from GitHub:

What's New in v16.1:

1. Features and improvements:

All controls

  • Item 27943 - Creating a сustom сontrol tutorial
  • Item 27968 - Creating a custom localization (with tutorial)


  • Item 27952 - New ComboBox selectedIndexChanged event HtmlEditorExtender
  • Item 26985 - Paste from MS Word (with cleanup) in HtmlEditorExtender


2. Bug fixes:

All controls

  • Item 27973 - array.indexOf(item,start) not supported < IE9
  • Item 27873 - CSS WebResource link can't be properly generated in an inherited control
  • Item 27954 - Script duplication when using config bundle


  • Item 27975 - Accordion Breaks child UpdatePanel with UpdateMode = Conditional


  • Item 27754 - AjaxFileUpload control doesn't work with ASP routing


  • Item 15017 - CalendarExtender decrements date in "later" time zones
  • Item 28005 - Calendar footer text wraps outside popup bounds


  • Item 28003 - Pie chart and Bar chart backcolor
  • Item 28017 - LineChart breaks when all values are zero


  • Item 25711 - ComboBox issues with tabbing
  • Item 27304 - ComboBox NullReferenceException after CheckBox postback with ComboBox inside <% if { } %> in markup
  • Item 27480 - ComboBox weird behavior in Firefox
  • Item 28012 - Pressing Enter key on selecting item in ComboBox causes postback



  • Item 27845 - Load exception in Medium trust hosting


  • Item 27168 - HtmlEditorExtender Cut, Copy & Paste icons do not always show
  • Item 27197 - HtmlEditorExtender - edit text outside generated div
  • Item 27206 - HtmlEditorExtender - when creating a link, certain text causes malfunction
  • Item 27240 - HtmlEditorExtender loses content after postback in IE9
  • Item 27273 - HtmlEditorExtender removes 'br' tag during sanitization
  • Item 27281 - HtmlEditorExtender - width attribute disappears
  • Item 27299 - HtmlEditorExtender - inner item CSS class disappears
  • Item 27987 - JavaScript error when using HtmlEditor in IE11
  • Item 27999 - Toolbar action doesn't match instance of HtmlEditorExtender
  • Item 28031 - HtmlEditorExtender multiple ampersands sanitizing problem


  • Item 25108 - MaskedEditExtender cannot enter zero dollars
  • Item 26847 - MaskedEditExtender unexpected behavior when using separators
  • Item 27966 - Value is cleared when focusing MaskedEditExtender
  • Item 27969 - MaskedEditExtender autoComplete property typo


  • Item 27971 - Modal Popup incorrect z-index in tab container and update panel
  • Item 28021 - Multiple ModalPopupExtenders z-index issue


  • Item 9756 - ReorderList error when inserted in scrollable div


  • Item 27212 - TabContainer forces inline style 'height=100%'
  • Item 27972 - TabPanel CSS needs updating for Mozilla FireFox
  • Item 27989 - Tabs overlap TabContainer content

Visual Studio toolbox

T326682 - Adding Ajax Control Toolkit to Visual Studio 2015 Causes Issue with Toolbox in IDE


  • Item 27979 - UpdatePanelAnimationExtender - null reference at AsyncPostBackTrigger cast
  • Item 27993 - UpdatePanelAnimationExtender onUpdating never fired
  • Item 27996 - Exception when using unbound UpdatePanelAnimationExtender


  • Item 28018 - AjaxControlToolkit ValidatorCalloutExtender does not work with UnobtrusiveValidation


AJAX Control Toolkit Documentation updated.

Helpful links

Helpful documentation articles are available here:


Get the latest ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit v16.1 release and let us know your feedback by reporting it here.

Upgrading from v7.x and below

Please take a look at the 'How to upgrade to v16.1 release' article to see how to migrate your existing ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit projects to the new v16.1 release.

Try DevExpress ASP.NET

We’d like to thank you for installing the DevExpress Edition of the AJAX Control Toolkit and look forward to your feedback as you begin its use.

When we took over the fabulous ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, our goal was to reach those web developers who want to use great web user interface controls for their web projects and DevExpress ASP.NET provides that and much more.

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