HTML5-JavaScript TreeMap (Coming soon in v16.1)

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23 May 2016

Check out the new DevExpress HTML5 TreeMap widget that's coming out in the DevExtreme v16.1 release:

DevExtreme TreeMap

The new TreeMap widget is a client-side JavaScript widget which provides powerful capabilities to display both flat and hierarchical data structures. And the TreeMap widget includes three predefined tiling algorithms:

  • Slice And Dice
  • Squarified
  • Strip
  • Or apply your own custom algorithm!

DevExtreme TreeMap

The new TreeMap widget provides several colorization methods of TreeMap tiles, such as discrete colorization, range, and grouped. And the widget provides API methods for drilldown implementation and manipulation of separate tiles.

DevExtreme TreeMap

What do you think about the new TreeMap widget? Drop me a line below, thanks!

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Nathan Krol
Nathan Krol

Hi, is this available to test? Thanks, loooks great

14 June 2016

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