ASP.NET: New Bootstrap Template Wizard - v16.1

19 September 2016

In the v16.1 release, we included a new project template for DevExpress ASP.NET controls: Bootstrapped Web Application.

Bootstrapped Web Application
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Bootstrap is one of the most popular responsive web frameworks. Our new project template allows you to now create a new web application that uses the Bootstrap framework elements (CSS templates and UI components) with DevExpress ASP.NET controls.


The Bootstrap project template that I'm discussing in this blog post relates to the current set of (100+) DevExpress ASP.NET and MVC controls. We're also working on a new of ASP.NET controls that will better support Bootstrap themes. Please read this blog post for more information on that project.

The benefit of this new Bootstrap project template is that you get a responsive layout using Bootstrap is very useful. However, there is one caveat, the themes from DevExpress controls and Bootstrap are not compatible. That is why this Bootstrap template can help you because it uses the DevExpress ASP.NET Moderno theme which works well with Bootstrap.

Project template

The Bootstrap project template wizard provides a complete (sample) web application. The project includes all the necessary files for Bootstrap and DevExpress controls to work together:

Blog sample

The new Bootstrap project template creates a sample Blog website. The website use the default layout of a typical Bootstrap website with a banner image and menu on the front page. The DevExpress ASP.NET Menu and Image Slider controls are used here and work well within Bootstrap:

When the browser width is reduced, the menu and image adapt to the new layout:

There's also a blog page that uses the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView:

This page also adapts when the browser width changes:

What do you think about the new DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap project template?

Leave me a comment below or email me:

Twitter: @mehulharry

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7 comment(s)
Mo cisse


20 September, 2016
Juan Antonio Trujillo Montenegro

Can we use it with XAF?

If not, when can we expect support for it?

20 September, 2016
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Juan: No, it cannot be used with XAF Web UI at this time. Even though I cannot provide you with an implementation time framework, our team will surely take your request into consideration. Thanks.

20 September, 2016
Edgar Ricardez


DevExtreme and MVC Wrappers are compatible with Bootstrap?


20 September, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Edgar,

The DevExtreme MVC wrappers are based on DevExtreme widgets. And DevExtreme supports bootstrap. Take a look at this post for more info:

20 September, 2016

Bootstrap controls has rounded corners - I don't see that in DevExpress?

21 September, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


That's right, the current DevExpress controls are not Bootstrap contols. This project template let's you use power DevExpress ASP.NET controls like our GridView WITH Bootstrap framework.

Read this blog post about new Bootstrap-friendly controls that we're working on:

21 September, 2016

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