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20 September 2016

Good news! We've added support for Microsoft's ASP.NET Identity membership system. What is ASP.NET Identity? Pranav, the Microsoft PM, describes it best here:

ASP.NET Identity allows you to add login features to your application and makes it easy to customize data about the logged in user. - Pranav Rastogi

ASP.NET Identity membership system replaces and improves on several of the older ASP.NET membership systems. And this new system brings with it several benefits:

  • One ASP.NET Identity System
  • Ease of plugging in profile data
  • Role provider
  • Claims based
  • Social login providers
  • Azure Active Directory
  • and more!

I recommend reading the "Introduction to ASP.NET Identity" blog post.

In all fairness, ASP.NET Identity has been around for a couple of years now. So I'm happy that we're providing support for it from DevExpress Project templates too.

DevExpress ASP.NET Project Wizard Integration

When you use the DevExpress ASP.NET Project Wizard with v16.1 or above, under the 'Site Configuration' tab, you'll see a dropdown that allows you to choose the authentication model.

The default will be the new 'ASP.NET Identity' model because most of the Microsoft project templates default to this improved authentication model. You can change it and select one of the older ones or none.

However, one of the key benefits of providing Microsoft ASP.NET Identity support through the DevExpress Project templates is that your web project can also use the excellent DevExpress ASP.NET controls for login purposes. This allows you to use any one of the excellent DevExpress ASP.NET themes and maintain a beautiful site.

Therefore, after the project is created, the DevExpress project wizard will have created all the necessary pages for you for login purposes. And these pages will use the necessary DevExpress ASP.NET controls:

Learn more about ASP.NET Identity

The DevExpress project templates are exposing the Microsoft ASP.NET Identity system for you. Therefore, to learn more about ASP.NET Identity's customization, implementation, etc.; I recommend you watch this video:

Or watch these other helpful Channel 9 videos.

Do you use the ASP.NET Identity system with DevExpress ASP.NET controls?

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