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02 March 2017

Good news, we are now offering NuGet packages for several subscriptions.

NuGet is the package manager for the Microsoft development platform including .NET.

Licensed customers can request access to the Beta version by writing to


Add DevExpress NuGet Feed

Follow this excellent step-by-step guide to setup your Visual Studio instance for our NuGet packages:

DevExpress NuGet Packages: T466415


The DevExpress NuGet feed requires the following:

  1. You must be a licensed customer
  2. Only certain development platforms like ASP.NET are currently available
  3. You should realize that this NuGet support is still only available as a 'beta', we are still working on the full implementation
  4. You should be using version 16.2, since that version is all we support
  5. Please read the section about "Limitations" before you switch to using NuGet packages


The biggest limitation for NuGet packages is that by design they cannot affect the Visual Studio IDE. In other words, they are most convenient for development scenarios such as build servers.

What this means in practice is that we will not be providing DevExpress design-time assemblies via NuGet, and hence the DevExpress controls will not be available in the Visual Studio Toolbox if you use these new packages. You will still have to install the product via our installation program for those design-time experiences.


Please visit the knowledgebase article to see the complete list of available packages.


What do you think about the new DevExpress NuGet packages? We'd love to hear your feedback. Please let us know by adding your feedback to this knowledgebase article.

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