New Agenda View and more - DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler Control Enhancements - v17.1

20 April 2017

In the DXperience v2017.1 release we've added slick new features to the DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler control:

1. New Agenda View

The Scheduler control now includes the highly-anticipated agenda view. An agenda view is helpful because it only shows your upcoming appointments. This saves you time when you need to find what's next on your schedule. And our new agenda view also has a great look to it that was inspired by popular online calendar services:

DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler - Agenda View

2. Timeline View Improvements

Horizontal Scrolling

In previous version you could only use “back” and “forward” buttons of the View Navigator to switch between visual intervals in the view. If the first visible day in the TimeLine view was Wednesday and you wanted to see appointments for the entire week then it was not possible because the “back” button click resulted in switching to a previous visual “page” and the “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday” days will be hidden. The same behavior happed for the “forward” button too:

DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler - Horizontal Scrolling

With the version 17.1 release, you can adjust the IntervalCount and DisplayedIntervalCount properties to display a horizontall scroll bar that allows you to smoothly scroll the visible days within the current week, without switching visual 'pages':

DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler - Horizontal Scrolling

Vertical Scrolling

Previously, if there are a lot of resources to be displayed simultaneously in a browser window then you could only use a browser’s vertical scrollbar to see the 'hidden' resources. The main issue here was that the browser’s scrollbar scrolls the entire ASPxScheduler's content including the date headers, resource navigator, and view selector. So, even if you can see the 'hidden' resources, you were not able to fix them to see the date headers and analyze what time intervals are currently visible in the view:

DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler - Vertical Scrolling

With the v17.1 release, you can restrict the height of the TimeLineView scroll area (using the TimeLineView.TimeLineViewStyles.ScrollAreaHeight property) to display an internal TimeLineView’s vertical scrollbar. Using this property allows you to smoothly scroll between the visible resources. All other TimeLine visual elements (date headers, resource navigator, and view selector) will be fixed in place:

DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler - Vertical Scrolling

3. Keyboard Support

The DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler Control now offers keyboard shortcut support for a variety of end-user actions including time cell and appointment navigation and selection, appointment editing and view switching. You can also create additional shortcuts and associate them with your custom client-side logic.

4. Client API Improvements

We've improved the Scheduler's client API and added two events that you can override and add your own custom client actions:

  • CellClick
  • CellDoubleClick

Finally, there's also a new ASPxClientScheduler.GetVisibleAppointments method that returns the Scheduler's visible appointments. These client improvements came directly as a result of your feedback so keep that coming please.

Which of the enhancements to the DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler Control are you most excited about? Drop me a line below.


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8 comment(s)
nasser 1

looks great

what about the Persian calendar

do you added to your products after more than 8 years

21 April, 2017
David Evans 8


You are always exciting. I look forward for header freeze option on Timeline view.

26 April, 2017
Jørgen Bakke Eriksen

Does the new Agenda View support resources?

27 April, 2017
Rogerio Potenza

Tks for that. It will improve a lot my app. Is it responsive?

27 April, 2017
Petr Zima

The very best feature for me would be scrolling and dynamic loading in timeline view like in winforms scheduler control.

28 April, 2017
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


The Agenda view does support resources, I've updated the top image to show this.

2 May, 2017
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Horizontal scrolling in the ASP.NET Scheduler will not be the same as in WinForms version.

In WinForms version we provide an infinite scrolling. I.e. once you reach the left-most side of the TimeLine view, the scrollbar thumb is automatically moved back and we automatically calculate a new “possible” interval for scrolling.

You can further scroll to the end of the view and all the operations will be repeated. Please see the following video:

In the ASP.NET version, scrolling is restricted within the available (visible) interval specified using the IntervalCount and DisplayIntervalCount properties.


2 May, 2017
Sasa Pavlinjek


17 May, 2017

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