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25 April 2017

The DevExtreme set of widgets provide you great features, functionality, beauty, and integration with popular frameworks like Angular. Getting started is easy with DevExtreme because it's available through the installer and also these great package managers: npm, bower, and NuGet! Today, I'm happy to announce that we're making it even easier, because now you can also get DevExtreme on GitHub:

GitHub rocks

GitHub is great for client-side libraries and developers like you because GitHub repositories provide for:

  • Contribute
  • Report issues
  • Get early previews

With DevExtreme on GitHub, it'll make it easier for you, our customers, to access DevExtreme through the most popular source-code repository but also to interact with the DevExtreme developers. Our developers use an Agile development approach and GitHub works great with this process of sprints, spikes, etc. So our developers have been looking forward to making our repo public to DevExtreme in the hands of more developers and to get your feedback.

Pre-release builds

Another benefit of hosting on GitHub is that we'll be able to provide "pre-release" packages on npm, bower, and NuGet. These packages will provide access to new upcoming enhancements that the team is working on well before we release them via the usual DevExpress Download Center. You'll see new features in advance of the official stable releases on And by giving us early feedback, you can help guide our plans.


You can contribute fixes and suggestions back to the DevExtreme GitHub repo by submitting a pull request.

Get Started

Getting started with our GitHub repo is easy as forking it right from the command line. Or download it from one these package managers: npm, bower, or NuGet.

Star it now!

Go to the DevExtreme GitHub page and click the "Star" link at the top please. This will get you regular updates and news about our repository.

Then click the 'Watch' button to get updates.

License FAQ

As you may have gathered by reading between the lines, DevExtreme now provides both a commercial and non-commercial license. If your project falls under the "non-commercial" category then you can now use DevExtreme for free (but without support). Learn more here: DevExtreme Licensing.

What do you think about DevExtreme on GitHub? Drop me a line below.


Twitter: @mehulharry

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Download a free and fully-functional version of DevExtreme now: Download DevExtreme

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