DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler's New Adaptive Features - (coming soon in v17.2)

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27 October 2017

Check out these great new 'adaptive' features of the DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler in the v17.2 release. What do I mean by adaptive?

Adaptive web design (AWD) promotes the creation of multiple versions of a web page to better fit the user's device, as opposed to a single version that other web design techniques use. Adaptive web design encompasses a range of other strategies that can be combined with responsive web design. - Wikipedia

Adaptive web design helps you to address the various size screens that your users may be using.

In the v17.2 release, we maximized the ASP.NET Scheduler's views and visual elements to adapt to the width of their parent container. Adaptive Layout is now supported for the following ASP.NET Scheduler elements:

Agenda View

The Agenda View is now fully adaptive. The layout is automatically adjusted to the current client width for the following Agenda View elements:

  • “Date Header” column
  • “Appointment Interval” column
  • “Main Appointment Content” column
  • “Resources” column

Therefore, you can view information about appointments without horizontal scrolling on different screen sizes:

Edit Appointment Form

The Form Layout Control is now used as a container for the Edit Appointment Form editors.

This allows the Scheduler to automatically re-organize the Edit Appointment Form content based on the available client area:

View Selector

The Scheduler's View Selector panel also provides a slick feature where it'll place buttons in a drop-down menu when there is not enough space to display them all:

Scrolling Fixed Headers

We've also improved (or fixed depending on your point of view) the vertical scrolling in the Agenda view. Now the “Date” headers’ content remains visible on screen as a fixed header while scrolling:

View Visible Interval

The View Visible Interval width can be automatically adjusted to an available client width by changing date-time formats:

WebForms & MVC

These new adaptive features will be available for our ASP.NET WebForms and MVC versions of the ASP.NET Scheduler control. And they are part of the v17.2 release.

Which of the adaptive enhancements are you most excited about? Drop me a line below.



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