ASP.NET GridView Enhancements - Merged Groups, Header Filter Search, & More (Coming soon in v17.2)

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08 November 2017

In the next major release, v17.2, we're adding some great new features to the DevExpress ASP.NET GridView. All the features below will be available for both the ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC versions of our GridView:

Merged Column Grouping

We're introducing a new way to display grouped rows in the ASP.NET GridView control. Currently, you can display grouped rows so that the first grouped column is displayed above the other columns and the data is nested underneath:

Starting with v17.2, you can now use the new option that will remove the nested group rows and merge them into a single 'grouping line':

This saves space and also provides more space to display data rows. This is an option so both display types are available, however, I prefer the merged grouping. This feature was inspired by our excellent WinForms Grid control.

Header Filter Search

We're also improving the Grid's Header Filter feature by adding a search text box. Take a look at this animation to see it in action:

The new 'header filter search' can help your end-users save even more time when searching through a large number of records.

Easier Exporting API

Another improvement in the next release is that we've moved the export functionality from the ASPxGridViewExporter to ASPxGridView class. Now you can export the Grid using a single line of code: grid.ExportTo...

This change also helped us to create export commands for the ToolBar and Context Menu. We've updated all our export demos by using toolbar export items. You can see an example of this by downloading v17.2 beta today or wait till the official v17.2 release when we'll update our online demos too.

Adaptive Popup Dialogs

And last but not least is another great adaptive feature.

Starting with v17.2, we now use the Popup Control's Adaptive feature for all of the GridView's inner popup controls: HeaderFilter, EditForm, and FilterBuilder. This feature will make using the excellent DevExpress ASP.NET GridView control better and make sure that the results look good on mobile devices.

For example, here's the ASPxGridView's PopupEditForm on a desktop browser:

When you view the same PopupEditForm on a mobile device, the new adaptive dialog will look like this:

The new feature is disabled by default but you can customize it using the Grid.SettingsPopup.EditForm.SettingsAdaptivity.Mode property. For example:

ASPxGridView.EditFormLayoutProperties.SettingsAdaptivity.AdaptivityMode = SingleColumnWindowLimit
ASPxGridView.SettingsPopup.EditForm.SettingsAdaptivity.Mode = OnWindowInnerWidth

Other ASPxGridView popup elements like 'Header Filter Popup' and 'Filter Builder Popup' will be adaptive by default.

Try it today

You can test these new features today by downloading the DXperience v17.2 Beta that is available in your download center (for existing customers).



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