ASP.NET Spreadsheet Enhancements - Adaptive Dialogs and more (Coming soon in v17.2)

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15 November 2017

Check out these enhancements to the DevExpress ASP.NET Spreadsheet control that are coming in the v17.2 release:

Adaptive Dialogs

The Spreadsheet Control's dialogs will all be adaptive. This means that the dialog's content is automatically resized according to the screen resolution. To achieve this, we used the FormLayout and Popup controls in adaptive mode. The upgrades the FormLayout and Popup controls will also be available to you in the coming release. I'll discuss these other controls in a future blog post.

Check out the Spreadsheet's adaptive dialog in action here:

Bookmark navigation

The Spreadsheet Control now gives you the ability to navigate through documents using bookmarks:

For your power Spreadsheet users, they will find this feature handy to easily move around large documents.

Full screen at startup

Now you can display the Spreadsheet Control in full-screen mode on page load simply by setting the server-side property value: FullscreenMode.

ASP.NET MVC supported

All of these features are also available for the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Spreadsheet control too.

Try it today

You can test these new features today by downloading the DXperience v17.2 Beta that is available in your download center (for existing customers).



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