Web Dashboard Now Supports .NET Core (CTP)

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17 November 2017

The DevExpress Web Dashboard now supports the latest version of the .NET Core framework. While this is a pre-release (CTP), we're very interested in feedback from those of you planning to target .NET Core. 

.NET Core

The .NET Core 2.0 framework provides several benefits such as performance, flexible deployment, and cross-platform support. That means that you can run our Web Dashboard on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For example, here is the Web Dashboard running on Linux (click image for larger version):

With .NET Core you can create ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, MVC Views and Controllers, Web API, use Docker, and more.

Getting started

To test our Dashboard in .NET Core locally, please download the latest v17.2 today from devexpress.com.

We've also prepared documentation to help you get started using the DevExpress Web Dashboard in ASP.NET Core:

Create an ASP.NET Core Designer application

Project Status

Once again, this is a CTP version. Report any issues, missing functionality, or suggestions as regular Support Center tickets. We'll be happy to review your feedback and optimize the API based on what we hear. This also serves as a reminder that the API is subject to change until we officially release.

In this CTP version, the Web Dashboard control does not support the following features:

  1. OLAP mode
  2. Export
  3. Localization

We'll continue to work on these features for the final release.

Are you excited by the DevExpress Web Dashboard now with the ability to run on .NET Core framework? Drop me a line below.


Email: mharry@devexpress.com

Twitter: @mehulharry

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