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21 May 2018

The .NET Core command line interface (CLI) allows you to create new projects directly from the console.

We're introducing a set of CLI templates that you can use to create starter cross-platform projects with DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap and Dashboard Controls.

This means that you can create ASP.NET Core projects with DevExpress controls on your MacOS, Linux, or Windows consoles!

Install DevExpress CLI templates

Get started by first installing the DevExpress CLI templates. Type the following command in your console:

dotnet new -i "DevExpress.DotNet.Web.ProjectTemplates::*"

When the template installation command is finished, it will display a list of installed templates on your machine:

You can also run the dotnet new --list command to see this list.

Create new projects

You are now ready to create an ASP.NET Core project with DevExpress controls. Since ASP.NET Core projects mainly use packages, you'll need to use our NuGet packages which are available via the DevExpress NuGet portal.

To get your NuGet feed, please refer to the page.

Note, our templates have one required parameter - feed-{url} (the refers to your personal DevExpress NuGet feed).

You'll need to specify this parameter for creating new projects. For example, if you want create a new project that uses the DevExpress Bootstrap Controls for ASP.NET Core then use the following command:

dotnet new dx.bootstrap -nuget-feed{auth_key}/api

To create a project with our dashboard:

dotnet new dx.dashboard -nuget-feed{auth_key}/api

Use -h flag to get a full list of the different parameters on our new CLI commands:

To see list of available functionality that manage of template parameters, use the -h flag:

dotnet new dx.bootstrap -h
dotnet new dx.dashboard -h

Take a look at this video that shows our CLI templates in action:

Learn more

Our new DevExpress CLI templates support ASP.NET Core v2.0 and higher.

Learn more about Microsoft ASP.NET Core CLI by following this getting started guide.

Give Us Your Feedback

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