ASP.NET Core Bootstrap - GridView Control Enhancements (v18.1)

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26 May 2018

With the v18.1 release, we've added several major features to the DevExpress Bootstrap GridView control for ASP.NET Core. Let's take a look.

Server Mode - Binding to Large Datasets

The Bootstrap Grid View control now supports data binding in server mode. In this mode, the Grid View loads only the minimum amount of data required for display purposes and delegates all data processing (such as grouping and sorting) to the database server.


Batch Editing

Our ASP.NET Core Bootstrap Grid View control supports data editing in batch mode. Batch modifications allow you to eliminate unnecessary server updates (visual, re-sorting, selection updates, etc.) and speed up grid performance. You update the grid once, after all necessary changes have been made on a client.

ASP.NET Core Bootstrap GridView - Batch Editing | DevExpress



With this release, our Bootstrap Grid View control supports column header and data cell bands.

  • Column Header bands allow yo to arrange column headers across multiple rows.
  • Data cell bands allow you to create banded data row layouts allowing cells to occupy multiple rows.


Cell Merging

Much like Microsoft Excel, the Grid's cell merging option allows you to improve usability by avoiding the duplication of common information. Neighboring data cells across different rows can be merged whenever they display matching values.


Column Resizing

End-users can now resize grid columns by dragging a column header's border.


Merged Column Grouping

Our ASP.NET Bootstrap GridView now includes a 'Merge Column Groups' mode. In this mode, you can merge grouped columns by dragging the appropriate column header(s) to the group panel and arrange them across a line.

ASP.NET Core Bootstrap GridView - Merged Column Grouping | DevExpress


Header Filter - Instant Find

v18.1 introduces a simple and quick way to find column filter values. The Find Panel allows users to enter a search string and initiate a search against all filter values displayed in the header dropdown.

ASP.NET Core Bootstrap GridView Control - Header Instant Find | DevExpress


Like it?

We'd love to hear your feedback about the Bootstrap GridView for ASP.NET Core improvements. Drop me a line below, thanks.


Twitter: @mehulharry

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