ASP.NET Core & WebForms Bootstrap - New Scheduler Control (v18.1)

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29 May 2018

With the v18.1 release, we've added the powerful Scheduler control for both Bootstrap versions of our controls: ASP.NET Core and WebForms.

This new Scheduler controls is packed with several major features, let's take a look.

Various view types

The Bootstrap Scheduler control has several types of view that provide different arrangements and formats for scheduling and viewing appointments:


The DayView enables end-users to schedule and view user events by day.



The AgendaView enables end-users to list appointments by day.


Full Week

The FullWeekView enables end-users to schedule and view user events for the entire week.


Work Week

The WorkWeekView enables end-users to schedule and view user events by the working week (Saturdays and Sundays are not displayed).


Time Line

The TimelineView displays appointments as horizontal bars along the timescales and provides end-users with a clearer overview for scheduling purposes.



The MonthView enables end-users to schedule and view the user events in a month.



The appointments within the current view can be grouped by dates or resources to facilitate an appointments management.

Group by resources

Appointments are grouped by resources.


Group by dates

Appointments are grouped by dates.


No Group by

Appointments with out any grouping.


Edit Form Customization

The Bootstrap Scheduler provides a ViewModel-driven customization API. This allows to remove, replace, or modify existing form parts or add a new UI parts to the edit forms without re-creating the entire form from scratch.

It provides API methods like: GenerateDefaultLayoutElements, InsertBefore, InsertAfter, FindLayoutElement, and more that allow you to modify the existing layout with ease.

For example:

// generates default layout elements to work with
var resourceContainerGroup = dialog.LayoutElements.CreateGroup("resourceContainer", (g) => {
   g.LayoutElements.CreateGroup("resourceGroup", (resourceGroup) => { resourceGroup.LayoutElements.Add(dialog.FindLayoutElement("ResourceIds"));
   // moves existing ResourceIds to the created group
   g.LayoutElements.CreateGroup("resourceDetailGroup", (detailGroup) => {
      detailGroup.LayoutElements.CreateField(m => m.Phone);
      detailGroup.LayoutElements.CreateField(m => m.Photo);
dialog.InsertAfter(resourceContainerGroup, dialog.FindLayoutElement("StatusKey"));// inserts group before existing layout element



Scheduler provides a capability to create reminders. Reminders are used to send alerts at specified time periods before an appointment's start time.

Standalone controls

Some parts of the Bootstrap Scheduler control's UI are available as standalone controls, which can be used side by side with the scheduler control.

Here is the list of standalone controls and check out their demos:

  • BootstrapSchedulerDateNavigator -Demo
  • BootstrapSchedulerResourceNavigator - Demo
  • BootstrapSchedulerViewNavigator - Demo
  • BootstrapSchedulerViewSelector - Demo

Adaptive layout

Last, but not least, the Bootstrap Scheduler provides adaptive features out-of-the-box! That means looks great on desktop and mobile browsers!

Like it?

We'd love to hear your feedback about the new Bootstrap Scheduler control. Drop me a line below, thanks.


Twitter: @mehulharry

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