ASP.NET Core Bootstrap - Insert Control Wizard (v18.1)

19 June 2018

With the v18.1 release, we've added a helpful wizard for Visual Studio that makes working with the DevExpress ASP.NET Core Bootstrap controls easier. Let's take a look.

Insert DevExpress Bootstrap Core Control

The Insert Bootstrap Core Wizard helps by adding a fully functional DevExpress ASP.NET Core control to your project. It generates the code for you which saves you time. Any of the DevExpress Bootstrap for ASP.NET Core controls can be used.

To invoke the wizard in Visual Studio, right-click the design area of a view and select the 'Insert DevExpress Bootstrap Core Control' option:

Then from the dialog, select and customize the Bootstrap control you'd like to add to your view and click Insert:

Now the wizard will generate the necessary code and insert it into your View at the cursor position.

Take a look at this video that shows how to add a DevExpress Bootstrap Grid for ASP.NET Core using this new wizard:

Like it?

We'd love to hear your feedback about the new 'Insert DevExpress Bootstrap Core Control' wizard. Drop me a line below, thanks.


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6 comment(s)

I use similar functionality under MVC sometimes when I do not remember or do not know what to add to the code. But I always have to track all the changes that your wizard makes, some of which I do not really need or are not always correct - for example, changes in Web.config. It would be nice to add options to disable such changes. And of course you need more options and ALL(!) components. Now it's just a wizard for generating examples, in my opinion. And it was convenient to see the same functionality as under WinForms for XtraGrid

19 June, 2018
Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress)

Thank you for your feedback!

Our Wizard updates web.config to add sections required for correct operation of DevExpress controls. This occurs one time and should not break other web.config sections. Would you please contact me in our Support Center ( and describe this issue in detail? Also, specify what XtraGrid Wizard functionality you'd like to see in this Wizard.

20 June, 2018
Gaetano Siano

Does this work with 2.1, it's currently grayed out.

16 July, 2018
Robert Kosko 2

Gaetano, I think it only works for components in 2.1

Your components are created under the folder Views/Shared/Components

18 July, 2018
A Nicholls

I like the wizard, but unfortunately my version of 18.1.4 isn't showing me a wizard.

8 November, 2018
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

@A Nicholls, please contact the DevExpress support team and they can help you. Thanks.

8 November, 2018

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