ASP.NET 2019 Roadmap - New ASP.NET WebForms and MVC Controls – Your Vote Counts

06 December 2018

Though DevExpress offers more than 110 WebForms controls and more than 65 MVC extensions, we know we can always offer more... Since we cannot implement everything simultaneously, we need your feedback to shape product direction and plans in 2019.

Please take a moment and select one of the following products – what would you like to see us deliver in 2019 (feel free to leave a comment with specific usage-scenarios... the more you share, the better we can understand your business needs now and into the future):

Please Note: We will detail plans for existing ASP.NET WebForms and MVC components in a separate blog post.

Possible New ASP.NET Products

What would you like to see us deliver in 2019?

11 comment(s)

Where is the focus on ASP.Net Core?

6 December, 2018
Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress)


We are certainly focused on it. :) We'll publish our ASP.NET Core Roadmap in another blog post.

7 December, 2018
Nic Carreira

I would love to see a responsive step wizard. I would use something like that all over my projects. Telerik has one ;)

7 December, 2018
Sara Radmaneshs

Do you have an advanced Gantt Chart control that works with MS Project ?

8 December, 2018
Tim Leek 1

Yes Web Forms Step Wizard please.

11 December, 2018
Les Brinkworth

Step Wizard is sorely missing!!

14 December, 2018
Stephen J White

Will you be publishing a more comprehensive roadmap/survey in the next couple of months? I really liked the one you posted for 2018 that you did earlier this year/late last year.

14 December, 2018
Joe Hanna

+1 for the step wizard!

9 January, 2019
Boris Skvortsov 1

Step Wizard +1

9 January, 2019
Robert Bergqvist

Step Wizard +1

12 January, 2019
Aron Hoekstra

Would love to see a diagram control - something capable of displaying a flowchart, real-time editing of the flowchart would be even better.

25 January, 2019

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