ASP.NET 2019 Roadmap - Data Grid and More – Your Vote Counts

13 December 2018

We're making plans for 2019 and we'd love to get your feedback. Help us determine the features you'd like to see for the DevExpress ASP.NET Data Grid, TreeList, CardView, and Vertical Grid controls.

Please take a moment and select a few of the following product features – what would you like to see us deliver in 2019 (feel free to leave a comment with specific usage-scenarios... the more you share, the better we can understand your business needs now and into the future):

Possible New 2019 Features

What would you like to see us deliver in 2019?

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Andrei Iorga

One thing that would utterly fantastic is to be able to enable batch edit on a grid that has lookup columns, with no custom code.

14 December, 2018
cedrus bank

I'm not sure whether what I would love to see is what Andrei Iorga has mentioned.

One great thing about the Winforms Gridview is the ability to add data very fast especially without the need to press a button to add a new row.

I know things are completely different in a web form app/grid, but being able to add rows in a very smooth way in a aspxgridview is one thing that I would love to see.

14 December, 2018
Brian Berg

One thing that would help our adaptability is when the grid is collapsed you can't really do anything with the column header any more to reorganize or sort.  It would be helpful if we could grab the collapsed columns and drag them back into the viewable grid to be sorted or filtered.  

14 December, 2018

Merci au staff Devexpress et à son écoute... j'aimerais pouvoir faire un site comme facebook avec tous les composants sur mvc. Adaptative sur pc et mobile android ios...

15 December, 2018
Alfred Rakgole 2

My wishes for 2019 :)

(1) JSON data binding across all the controls(grids, charts,trees,lists...etc.) similar to reports json data sources in webforms and mvc.

(2)Sparkline column type would be great for both webforms and mvc,

webforms bootstrap controls already has this.

16 December, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Andrei Iorga: I guess that you are developing with XAF Web UI and want to simplify the solution, right?

17 December, 2018
Johnny K

@Andrei Iorga i have developed my own method for this think in winforms and works great :) i would gladly share if anyone is interested cause i made it as generic as possible. XPO ready and datalayout ready also. :)

18 December, 2018
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

@Johnny K, yes, please share with other devs :-)


18 December, 2018
Alexey Z

I wish there would be some major improvements in ASPxHtmlEditor to make the editor look better as compared to competing controls (like magic line for inserting new paragraphs where you need them (T393686), read-only blocks (T688549), widgets(T364375)). Unfortunately, there had not been a lot of great news on in ASPxHtmlEditor during the last few years...

9 January, 2019
Mike LRX

Sorry if this has been implemented or we missed something with support, it has been a year since I really hit this one hard. On the GridView Customization Dialog, Put the Column Chooser tab first or give us the option to arrange the tabs the way we would like them. When using this tool the logical order for me is:

Choose Columns you want on the grid

Filter the data

Group the data (if desired, I have this tab hidden in our use case)

Sort the data

Which is currently right to left as apposed to left to right. I must be writing too many SQL SELECT statements to come up with that order :)

9 January, 2019
Kjell Ek

More for ASPxHtmlEditor ...

10 January, 2019
Tom Bruinsma

1. ASPxPivotGrid, Why are we still being forced to use a workaround for alternating row color after more then 8 years?

2. ASPxGridView, Performance with large datasets! Stored procedure returns a dataset in 4 seconds. Rendering time for the grid is 4+ minutes if it doesn't timeout first. :(  The most common resolution is XPO but that is useless without a primary key or a great deal of custom code.

15 January, 2019

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