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31 December 2018

As you may know, last year we shipped several Bootstrap controls including our Scheduler, Spreadsheet, and Rich Text Editor. We are considering the following WebForms Boostrap controls for 2019 - your thoughts/feedback will go a long way in helping us shape our 2019 roadmap.

Pivot Grid

Filter Control

Allows end-users to create filter expressions for data obtained from a data source without using an explicit Where clause in the data source.

Floating Action Button

A new control we shipped in our v18.2 release cycle for WebForms and MVC components. The Floating Action button encapsulates the most popular end-user actions (e.g., CRUD operations, data sorting, filtering, etc.). Buttons are based upon current context, the control is fully customizable and it supports custom actions.

Responsive Project template

We recently released a new Responsive Project template for classic WebForms and MVC. We are now considering a Bootstrap equivalent. With this template, you’ll be able to create mobile-friendly applications based on DevExpress Bootstrap controls.

Our Bootstrap controls require some important enhancements. Since the DevExpress Bootstrap GridView is the most important component, we will be focused on its evolution in 2019.

GridView Client-side Render

Though Bootstrap GridView markup is much simpler than ‘classic’ ASPxGridView markup, the grid still renders on the server side. We want to rework the GridView and render its markup on the client side. This allows the GridView to perform certain operations on the client, improving overall GridView performance. We will certainly do our best to retain backward compatibility, but we do expect to introduce a few breaking changes as we move to client-side rendering.

Support Callbacks in GridView BatchEdit

At present, our Bootstrap GridView only supports batch edit on the current data. If an end-user wants to change values on different pages, he or she must update data on every page before editing values on another page. Once we support callbacks in Batch edit mode, end-users can edit values on any page and sort, filter grid data without losing changes. We’ll also add a new Preview mode to view changes made on different data pages.

Drop-down Editors Adaptivity

When an end-user opens a drop-down window on a mobile phone, the drop-down window automatically becomes a modal; it is aligned by the screen size. If you are using data editors with drop-down windows (ComboBox, DateEdit, etc.) in your project, this feature will help to make your application mobile friendly.

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