Blazor Roadmap – What You Can Expect in the Next Few Months from DevExpress

24 June 2019

Here’s a quick post on our upcoming development plans for Blazor. We expect to publish blog posts on each of these Blazor components in the next couple of months.

If you’re targeting Blazor for an upcoming project and would like to participate in our beta (August, 2019), please send an email to


New Blazor UI components

Products we expect to ship by Sept, 2019:

  • Scheduler
  • Charts
  • Popup control (modal mode only)
  • Toolbar
  • Popup menu
  • Calendar
  • TreeView
  • ListBox

Updated Blazor UI components

New features we expect to add to our existing Blazor product line:

Data Grid

  • Grouping
  • Filter enhancements
  • Multiple row selection
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Master-detail support

Combo Box

  • Filtering support
  • Multiple column support
  • Custom values support
  • Support custom values

Online Demos

Should you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

18 comment(s)

Very impressive for such short time.

DX Rocks!

24 June, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Ben for your feedback on our GitHub page too:

24 June, 2019

Really great! Blazor will definitely be the futur web tech for c# developers.

Any seen date for report module, dashboard module and office module? Will this be within 2019?

24 June, 2019

Really looking forward for XAF built on Blazor. Best of luck to DevExpress team.

24 June, 2019
Francisco Manuel Suárez Grueso

What about Ribbon support?

24 June, 2019
Peter CaoZheng

Good Job

25 June, 2019
Sergej Derjabkin

Good news!

Will be a batch edit mode for the Grid available?

25 June, 2019
Daniel Programer

This is excellent news!

How about extending the tab control so that a tab can be opened/closed by user action: user clicks on an item in the main menu, tab opens and then can be closed by clicking an "X" icon - basically typical UI for a desktop/SPA application that uses multiple tabs to display various components. I think this feature should be available in the first official release.

I'm hoping that you will make the Demos landing page look a bit more professional, I'm sure this is just something that you wanted to get quickly up an running for the initial preview.

I also think that the old ASP.NET Themes (e.g. Office2010Blue/Black) look much cleaner/professional that what is currently available for Blazor. The grid control (which is really the flagship component) looks very minimalistic compared to the ASP.NET component.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

25 June, 2019

Thanks for Multiple row selection on Data Grid.  

25 June, 2019
Marcelo G. Fonseca

We'll be connected to BLOG to learn step by step about the evolution of DevExpress Blazor components.

Keep uploading new videos, they help us a lot mainly because we have little documentation yet.

Thank you and congratulations for the good work you are doing !!!

26 June, 2019

Can't wait to see the improvements to the DataGrid control as well as the new controls.

26 June, 2019

Hi Team;

a) Is the scheduler component a "Native" Blazor component or a wrapper around you JS component?

b) If "Native", and comparing with your powerful JS component, percentage wise, how much of the features the Blazor version cover?

c) Since this is a Server-side component, will the component have two-way binding with the server side EF entities, so if the entity data changes, then the component will react and therefore SignalR will update the client side? Basically, it's behavior should be like grid.

d) For us to show images on the form, is there plan to have a DX component to give us porweful image gallery capability, which also requires to upload images to the server.

Thanks in advance!


26 June, 2019
Graham O'Riley

Can we expect a Pdf  document viewer?



27 June, 2019
Sven Glöckner 1

Great announcement, thank you!

Can't wait to see all these things.

27 June, 2019
Jan Paolo Go

Yes!!! Charts!!! Now I'm pumped up to try Blazor again! \m/

29 June, 2019

Hello Team;

The following is a question from a client of mine who is interested in Blazor development and would like to use DX Blazor components.

He needs to know, if DX Blazor will be offered as a "standalone" product, like for example XPO, rather being part of a bigger package, i.e. ASP.Net which includes 11 products, that he has no need for, for Blazor development.

Could you please clarify the direction of Blazor as a standalone product and what the price would be?

Note: I understand, it is in beta now and it is free but he wants to know, comes V1 soon, what will he be up against. That is what he wants to know.


30 June, 2019
Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress)

Hi All,

Thank you for your interest in our components. Our team appreciates that you found the time to share your feedback and requests. All available components are not in their final versions yet. They will be upgraded and will have the required functionality in the future. Now, let me announce our plans regarding the features that were mentioned.

The Scheduler is a native Blazor component. So, all Blazor framework advantages (and disadvantages that, I am sure, the Blazor team will resolve in the future) apply to it. Compared to the DevExtreme Scheduler, V1 Blazor Scheduler will have fewer features. Our team is working on the most required functionality now and is planning to upgrade this component in future versions.

The Data Grid's most popular edit mode (Batch Edit), Dashboards, the Image Gallery, Ribbon and many other components are not in our V1 plans. However, our primary goal for Blazor is to implement all required components and features. We will start with the most popular and required ones, so your feature requests and feedback are very welcome.

Regarding the licensing, I am sure that the ASP.NET, DXperience and Universal subscriptions will include Blazor components. The other license mechanisms are under consideration.

1 July, 2019

Thanks Vlad for speedy reply. Much appreciated!!!

1 July, 2019

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