DevExpress UI for Blazor - Preview 11 - New Blazor TreeView Component and Improved ComboBox (Now Available)

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03 July 2019

Preview 11 of the DevExpress UI for Blazor is now available and it includes a new TreeView component and enhanced features for the ComboBox component.

Blazor UI Components – New Blazor TreeView Component

If you’re targeting Blazor and need to use a TreeView in your project, take a look at the following demo for more information on our new Blazor TreeView UI control.

DevExpress Blazor TreeView Component

This new component presents hierarchical data within a tree structure. Parent nodes can be collapsed or expanded – and individual nodes can be selected as necessary. The component ships with three API events to manage component behavior.

Blazor ComboBox

Preview 11 ships with several enhancements to our Blazor ComboBox.

Allow User Input

The component allows end-users to enter custom text into the text box when the value does not match a drop-down item. To enable this feature, set the AllowUserInput property to true.

To learn more, see to Combo Box - Allow Input online demo.


Our Blazor ComboBox supports two filter modes and now allows end-users to locate combobox items more quickly. Assign “Contains” or “StartsWith” to the FilteringMode property to enable the desired filter mode.

To learn more, see the Combo Box - Incremental Filtering demo.

Keyboard Support

To help improve the end-user experience, Preview 11 includes built-in Keyboard Support. At present, the following shortcuts are supported:

  • Alt+Up or Alt+Down – Toggles the drop-down window
  • Up/Down – Moves focus to the previous/next item within the drop-down window
  • PageUp/PageDown - Scrolls 5 rows (up or down) within the drop-down window
  • Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End – Scrolls and moves focus to the first/last item in the drop-down window

Blazor Demo Redesign

As our Blazor component library grows, so does our online demo collection. We used our new TreeView to simplify navigation within the demo and updated the appearance of the demo with the ‘Pulse’ Bootstrap theme.

Your Feedback Matters

We want to hear from you. If you’re currently using Blazor, or expect to do so in the near future, please share your thoughts with us below.

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