DevExpress UI for Blazor - Virtual Scrolling in Preview 12 (Now Available)

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16 July 2019

Preview 12 of the DevExpress UI for Blazor is now available and it includes virtual scrolling support for two of our Blazor components.

If you’ve not yet reviewed our Blazor product line, please be certain to check out our Blazor Components webpage. If you are new to Blazor, feel free to review our 5-part Blazor training videos on YouTube.

What's New

Data Grid - Virtual Scrolling

The DevExpress Blazor Data Grid now supports virtual scrolling – allowing your end-users to navigate individual grid rows via the control’s vertical scrollbar.

Use the DataNavigationMode property to enable virtual scrolling:

<DxDataGrid Data=@DataSource

ComboBox - Virtual Scrolling

The DevExpress Blazor ComboBox can now load visible items within its drop down list (loads data virtually and on demand). This improves performance when binding to a large dataset.

Set the DataLoadMode property to enable virtual scrolling:

<DxComboBox Data=@Strings


You can test our new virtual scrolling demos using the following links:

Download the Preview from NuGet

Our most recent version is available via the DevExpress NuGet Early Access feed:

If you are a new user, please refer to this article to get started with Blazor today.

This preview is made available under the DevExpress Blazor UI license.

To obtain the build, you will need a account. Create your free account online or contact us for assistance.

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