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12 August 2019

The official launch date for ASP.NET Core 3.0, and Blazor is approaching fast. Thanks to your great feedback, we've created a number of useful samples for common usage scenarios. Check out the following examples to learn more about DevExpress UI for Blazor.

How to edit a row on a separate page

This example shows how to edit a DevExpress Blazor Data Grid on a separate page. The grid contains a template column with an Edit hyperlink that opens the edit form in a separate page. The browser redirects the user back to the primary page when editing is complete.

How to edit/delete the selected row by clicking external buttons

Learn how to edit and delete a selected row in code.

How to show/hide columns based on the value from external UI elements

See how you can use an external UI element (a check box) to manage Blazor Data Grid column visibility.

How to change DxFormLayout's item and group visibility

In this example, we demonstrate how to conditionally display form fields in a Blazor Form Layout (based on user selection).

How to create cascading grids

Learn how to setup master-detail rows within our Blazor Data Grid component. A detail grid is automatically populated with filtered data when a user selects a row from the master grid.

Useful Resources

Take a look at our support knowledge base and GitHub Blazor repository for more Blazor examples.

We've created a guide to help you create a new project and use DevExpress UI for Blazor / Razor Components.

Test drive our online demos to experience our versatile Blazor components at your own pace.

Your Feedback Counts

Help us shape the direction of our Blazor product line. Please share your Blazor experiences with us and tell us how you expect to use Blazor now and into the future.

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