ASP.NET Diagram for WebForms and MVC (CTP) (v19.2)

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11 December 2019

Our most recent v19.2 release includes a new ASP.NET Diagram control, both for ASP.NET WebForms and for ASP.NET MVC as well.

This new Diagram control gives you the opportunity to incorporate information-rich diagrams, flow charts, and organization charts into your apps simply and easily. It provides a visual interface with powerful formatting and data binding functionality that allows end-users to design new diagrams and modify existing ones.

DevExpress ASP.NET Diagram Control

Note: These components are available as a CTP (community technology preview) as we work on improving their features and functionality.


The ASP.NET Diagram control for WebForms and MVC ships with the following basic but important features:

  • 35+ Predefined Shapes
  • Custom Shapes:

DevExpress ASP.NET Diagram - Custom Shapes

  • Bind to Any External Data
  • Shape Sizing and Drag-and-Drop
  • Collapsible Containers
  • Auto Layout
  • ReadOnly Mode
  • Configurable Page Settings
  • Export to SVG, PNG, and JPEG images
  • Zoom and Auto Zoom
  • Full Screen and Simple View Modes:

DevExpress ASP.NET Diagram - FullScreen

With these features, you can design diagram types such as:

  • Flow charts
  • Organizational structures
  • Network diagrams

End-users can design, edit, display, and export diagrams.

Design Improvements

We have created a brand new design concept that makes this new component's toolbars and other UI elements look more appropriate and convenient for diagram editing. You can test drive the new Diagram control by using the demo links in the 'Test it now' section below.

Limitations and future plans

Here are the features we're working on before the official release of the ASP.NET Diagram control:

  • An API to handle certain user actions (for example, node click and selection) and the control's data modifications
  • Image Shapes
  • AutoConnect shapes
  • Touch Support

We plan to launch the ASP.NET Diagram controls for both the WebForms and MVC environments in the first major release of next year (v20.1).

Test it now

Test drive the new ASP.NET Diagram control demos here:

Or download the latest release and test the new control in your local development environment.

Your Feedback

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please share your thoughts about the new ASP.NET Diagram control in the comment section below.

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Bruno Alexandre Marçal Jorge
Bruno Jorge
Will be awesome to have the capability to add custom properties to the custom shapes.
13 December 2019
Rafael Lip
Rafael Lip
Important features to implement:
  - Rotate elements
  - Anchor Elements
With this, I believe it reaches a great level.
22 December 2019
Lanette (DevExpress Support)
Lanette (DevExpress Support)

Hello All,

Thank you for your interest in our Diagram control. I will send your ideas to our team for further research.

Should you have any other feature requests for this component, feel free to contact us.

23 December 2019
Kerrin Banner
Kerrin Banner

Hello there i have had a play with it and like it and can see implementation possibilities within our product:

 A few things that would be really useful .

1. Ability to change the shape of containers easily with click and drag - thinking of a room perimeter with maybe 6 or 7 sides.

2. Ability to drop in door and window shape to any place on perimeter/ creates break and/or adds shape into perimeter and to become an integral part for the container perimeter.

3. Ability to add dimensions to edges and draw to scale option to re-scale perimeter plus scale calc output/input 1:200 etc. 

4. Ability to create custom properties for an object and bind - example height, angle , make, model, price name etc etc

Thanks Kerrin

30 December 2019

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