ASP.NET Gantt - Data Editing, Scaling, and Undo/Redo Functionality (available in v19.2)

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07 January 2020

In our most recent release (v19.2), we added a few major features to our ASP.NET Gantt control. We also released a Gantt control for the ASP.NET MVC platform.


Our ASP.NET Gantt control allows users to modify tasks and manage resources via an integrated dialog. Invoke the edit dialog by double-clicking a task in the Gantt area:

DevExpress MVC Gantt - Edit Task

You can also resize and move tasks directly on the timeline or edit values in the task list:

DevExpress MVC Gantt - Edit Task

Once modifications are complete, the Gantt control sends a request to the server and saves the changes to the data source.

Use the GanttSettingsEditing options to manage available edit operations for your end-users. Use the GanttSettingsEditing.Enabled property to disable editing.

Real-time scaling

By default, our ASP.NET Gantt component displays tasks for an entire day using the Day View. Use the GanttViewSettings.ViewType property to set a different initial view type for the chart's timeline.

An end-user can scale the timeline by holding down the Control key and scrolling the mouse wheel. The current position of the cursor is used as the geometric center of the scaled area:

DevExpress MVC Gantt - Zoom

Undo/Redo Functionality

With this release, our WebForms and MVC Gantt control tracks changes made by end-users and allows them to rollback these changes as needed:

DevExpress MVC Gantt - Undo and Redo

Use the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shortcuts to initiate Undo and Redo commands. Once officially released, we'll add a toolbar and corresponding buttons for this functionality.


Our Gantt control is available as a CTP (community technology preview) in our v19.2 release cycle. We're not quite finished with all its features but rest assured, we're working to officially release this product by May 2020.

Test it today

Test-drive the new ASP.NET Gantt WebForms control on your local machine. If you own an active DXperience or Universal subscription, simply download our v19.2 release from the DevExpress Client Center.

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