ASP.NET WebForms and MVC - Tips & Tricks (December 2019)

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19 January 2020

We’ve compiled a short list of interesting support tickets/articles in this month’s Tips & Tricks blog post. 

If you have a support ticket you'd like to share with the ASP.NET developer community, feel free to post a link in the comment section below. 

Knowledge Base Articles

Below are two articles that describe the most important aspects of document management in our RichEdit and Spreadsheet controls:

  RichEdit - General information about document management (T822829)

  Spreadsheet - General information about document management (T751231)

You may also find the following article helpful where we described common aspects which may lead to “Your session has expired” error message and the ways to resolve it:

  RichEdit/Spreadsheet - Why the "Your session has expired" error might occur (T802885)

Interesting Support Tickets

Common (ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms)

ASP.NET Web Forms


NuGet Packages 

Documentation Updates

Data Annotation Attributes

See our updated Data Annotation Attributes article related to using data attributes in our MVC Extensions. 

Grid View

We updated the following topics with corresponding examples of using a corresponding API (client and server) in different scenarios while adding, updating and deleting rows in Grid View: 


Also, we described in details a common approach to use Spreadsheet Document API to perform required modifications with Spreadsheet Control’s document in code.

Online examples

Spreadsheet - How to Modify a Document (WebForms)

Spreadsheet - How to Modify a Document (MVC)

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