ASP.NET Core, Web Forms and MVC RichEdit - Table Layout Enhancements

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19 August 2020

With our most recent minor update, we’ve improved table support within our Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core, Web Forms and MVC. We’ve incorporated the following enhancements across multiple versions (v19.1.11, v19.2.8, and v20.1.5). As always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

AutoFit Enhancements

With this update, the DevExpress ASP.NET Rich Edit control correctly displays large tables when the AutoFit option is set to AutoFit Contents:

Inner table width is calculated correctly when the AutoFit option for both outer and inner tables equals AutoFit Contents:

Fixed Table Style support

As you might expect, fixed table width has priority. A column's fixed width can be modified to fit the table.

Column Fixed Width

If a column’s width is fixed, content does not increase column width. Content increases row height instead.

Dash Sign is a Separator

The dash sign is considered a word separator.

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