Blazor UI Components - Tips & Tricks (October – December 2020)

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24 December 2020

We hope you are all doing well. Our best wishes to you, your team, and your family this holiday season.

This post includes links to a few interesting Blazor-related support tickets, along with a few help topics and technical videos published over the last three months. We hope you’ll find this info useful as you explore and integrate the DevExpress Blazor UI library within your Blazor app. Should you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Interesting Support Tickets

Updated Help Topics

We extended our Blazor Gettting Started section with the following:

We added new helpful articles: 

  • Two-Way Binding - Explains how to use two-way binding for DevExpress Blazor components.
  • Validate Input - Describes how to use Blazor’s standard EditForm component to validate user input in DevExpress Data Editors, Form Layout, and Data Grid’s edit form.

Support for .NET 5.0

Note that Microsoft updated Blazor browser support in .NET 5.0. Refer to supported browsers and supported frameworks for details.


We documented common issues and described solutions in our Troubleshooting section:

New YouTube Videos

Over the last three months, we recorded and published the following new videos:

This playlist includes all videos related to our DevExpress Blazor UI Components.

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