ASP.NET Tips & Tricks (December 2020)

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09 January 2021

Here’s this month’s edition of Tips & Tricks for our Web Forms/MVC/.NET Core product line. As always, we hope these examples will be of value you as you explore our product line and incorporate our controls in your next ASP.NET project.

First things first – we recently published an article that describes how to use third-party tools with our Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core. Specifically, we demonstrate how to add spell checking functionality in v20.2

Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core - Spell Checking (Concept)

New Examples

The following new example demonstrates how to edit Diagram data using a separate custom form:

Diagram - How to edit data using a separate form (View on GitHub)

Here are examples of two popular usage scenarios for our Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core:

Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core - How to load/save documents from/to a database (View on GitHub)

Rich Text Editor for ASP.NET Core - How to submit document content with other values (View on GitHub)

And finally, here are a couple of examples related to our ASP.NET Web Forms Gantt control:

Gantt for Web Forms - A simple example with editing capabilities (View on GitHub)

Gantt for Web Forms - How to implement a custom "Task details" dialog (View on GitHub)

Remember, you can explore all DevExpress ASP.NET examples by navigating to our GitHub repository.

Interesting Technical Support Tickets

Common to All Platorms (ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms)

Grid View - How to restore all Batch Edit modifications on the client if certain rows do not pass server-side validation

ASP.NET Web Forms

Grid View - How to show values for a password column in the Edit Form with the ability to show/hide a password value

Grid View - How to apply the same layout settings to several grids

Splitter - How to make the splitter responsive and expand/collapse its panes automatically based on screen size

ComboBox - How to show a hint for each ComboBox item

ASPxScheduler - How to highlight the headers of TimeLine View scales based on a currently selected interval

ASPxScheduler - How to specify different appearance settings for different TimeLine scales

ASPxScheduler - How to limit the working time interval in a TimeLine View without using custom scales

ASPxScheduler - How to display a custom tooltip for appointment images generated in the InitAppointmentImages event handler

ASPxScheduler - How to automatically invoke the Appointment Dialog for editing a specific appointment


Grid View for MVC - DateRangePicker Header Filter doesn't evaluate the end-user's local time zone

Grid View for MVC - How to distinguish between Copy and Edit operations when saving data if operations were executed using different FAB items

Grid View for MVC - How to restore visible column indexes after visibility of specific columns was changed using Customization Window

ComboBox for MVC - How to change column caption style

Rich Text Editor for MVC - How to remove the "Ctrl + Click to follow link" text from hyperlink tooltip


As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. If you’ve come across a useful Support Center ticket, feel free to share it with the DevExpress developer community here.

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