Legacy SharePoint Integration Information Is No Longer Available on DevExpress.com

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03 September 2021

We deprecated our legacy SharePoint integration demos and related help documents for our v21.2 release. These resources no longer reflect our SharePoint strategy and SharePoint development best practices.

SharePoint Support: Legacy Strategy

The DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription introduced SharePoint support in 2008. Over the intervening years, we maintained and upgraded our controls to work with SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Regardless of SharePoint version, we offered two ways to integrate DevExpress control into a SharePoint portal.

  • You could write code and integrate any DevExpress ASP.NET Control within a SharePoint page.
  • You could use a codeless method to enhance a SharePoint portal: replace all list and memo editors with DevExpress counterparts.
SharePoint Support: ASP.NET Web Forms Controls and Web Parts

The second method focuses on list and memo editors for a reason. These UI elements had limited capabilities for older versions of SharePoint. Users often wanted to replace all default widgets with advanced versions. Our integrated installer allowed you to do that. You could integrate DevExpress Grid View and Html Editor into all your SharePoint Portal pages without code.

SharePoint Support: Current Strategy

SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online changed our strategy in the following ways:

  • SharePoint's integration mechanism changed. We decided that the best way to adjust is to focus on a more modern technology. You can now integrate any DevExtreme JavaScript Widget into SharePoint portal pages. We no longer support ASP.NET Web Forms Control integration.
  • We found that the functionality of standard list and memo widgets now satisfies most users. We no longer support the integration feature that replaced standard widgets with DevExpress counterparts across all pages in a SharePoint portal.
SharePoint Support: JavaScript Widgets

Please review the following resources for up-to-date information on our JavaScript widgets and integration strategies for SharePoint portals.

If you have questions on this change or require further assistance, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center. We will be happy to follow-up.

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