ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC - Internet Explorer support questions

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06 January 2022

Our ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC components still support Internet Explorer 9+. Last versions of Internet Explorer have security risks and a lack of modern CSS approaches and JavaScript features. Development both for advanced and feature-poor browsers requires additional resources to find effective solutions for complex fixes and implement new functionality.

The public browser traffic analysis shows that Internet Explorer continues to lose popularity when compared to modern browsers. For instance, the graphic below illustrates that Edge has displaced Internet Explorer over recent years. 

Of course, we understand (and appreciate) that many of our customers are still working on projects started in the first decade of this century - when Internet Explorer was a major player in the browser space. Our main goal is to help you address your business needs in the most efficient manner possible and to that end, we need your feedback on a few key questions. Please take a minute to share Internet Explorer related feedback with us.

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