Blazor UI – 2022 Roadmap

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24 February 2022

This Roadmap was updated on April 11, 2022.

The Blazor UI Roadmap outlined below includes development priorities for 2022. We will revise our plans for the second half of 2022 and include new features based on your feedback once we release v22.1 in May.

The information contained within this Roadmap details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

New Components

Accordion (v22.1)

In Development

Our Blazor Accordion component will allow you to display collapsible panels and help visualize information within a limited amount of page space. You will be able to use the DevExpress Accordion component for navigation purposes and to organize items into groups. Its built-in search engine will allow end-users to locate required items among all elements.

Flyout (v22.1)

In Development

This Blazor contextual popup UI element can be used to display hints, warnings, or additional information.

Window (v22.1)

Postponed until v22.2

This popup non-modal Window for Blazor will allow you to introduce a resizable/draggable popup UI to your Blazor-powered application.

Spreadsheet (v22.2)

Not Yet Started

In the second half of 2022, we plan to release a Spreadsheet control for Blazor. As you might expect, it will be an Excel-inspired control that will allow you to incorporate spreadsheet functionality into a Blazor Server application. With our Blazor Spreadsheet’s UI and API, you will be able to create, edit and save spreadsheet documents as needs dictate.

Sidebar (v22.2)

Not Yet Started

With our new Sidebar component, you’ll be able to add a sidebar alongside the primary display region of your app and display relevant information or navigation options for end users.

Splitter (v22.2)

Not Yet Started

Our Splitter UI for Blazor will allow you to better organize web page layout by dividing it across multiple resizable content panes.

File Manager (v22.2)

In Development

We're creating a new Blazor File Manager component to manage a remote file systems using standard file management operations.


We will officially release our Grid for Blazor in our v21.2.6 release cycle (March 2022). This year, you may expect the following features:

Server Mode Data Binding (v21.2)

Server mode will allow you to execute data operations against millions of records in seconds.

Master/Detail View (v21.2)

Collapsible detail row will allow you to display additional information for parent rows.

Preview Row (v21.2)

Available in v21.2.6

Our Blazor Data Grid’s Preview row will allow you to incorporate additional information for quick preview by your end-users.

Row and Cell HTML Decoration (v21.2)

Available in v21.2.4

Our Blazor Grid’s API will allow you to change the appearance of rows and cells.

Column Resizing (v21.2)

Available in v21.2.6

We will ship two resize modes and allow your end-users to resize Blazor Grid columns.

Column Chooser (v21.2)

Available in v21.2.6

Our Blazor Column Chooser UI will allow users to manage column position and visibility at runtime.

Automatic Data Refresh (v21.2)

Available in v21.2.6

If a data source implements IBindingList, INotifyCollectionChanged, or INotifyPropertyChanged interfaces, our Blazor Grid will automatically track data source changes and refresh displayed data when necessary. 

Column Visibility API (v21.2)

Available in v21.2.6

We will ship an updated engine to manage column visibility in code.

Inline Row Editing (v22.1)

In Development

We will add a new edit mode to edit an entire data row simultaneously.

Save and Restore a Layout (v22.1)

In Development

With our updated Blazor Grid API, you will be able to save a grid’s layout (e.g., column position, size, visibility, sort order and direction, applied filters, grouped columns, etc).

Summary Item Visibility API (v22.1) 

In Development

We will implement an API to manage summary item visibility in code.

Data Editors

Common Enhancements (v22.1 & v22.2)

To leverage the capabilities of our next-gen Blazor Data Grid, improve component performance and resolve known issue , we will replace several data editors and upgrade the remainder throughout our v22.1 and v22.2 release cycles.

New Editors (v22.1)

Postponed until v22.2

Text Input

A generic text editor for Blazor. Our Text input will allow you to automatically transform end-user input into a typed non-string value.

Toggle Button

Toggle button will allow you to include two-state (pressed/released, on/off) buttons to your Blazor application.

Password Box

This editor will allow your end-users to enter passwords safely.

Drop Down

The drop-down window for this text editor can include any content. The component API will allow you to synchronize drop-down content operations with the text field itself.

Custom Text Editor Buttons (v22.1)

Postponed until v22.2

Our Blazor text editors will have built-in action buttons that allow users to open a drop-down menu, increase/decrease/nullify values, and perform other actions. 

Masked Input Enhancements (v22.1)

Postponed until v22.2

We will extend the capabilities of our Blazor Masked Input component with the following mask types:

  • DateTimeOffset

  • TimeSpan

  • DateOnly

  • TimeOnly

We will also introduce a new way to generate masks. You will be able to track editor text changes via events, and alter resulting text based on custom logic.

Validation Enhancements (v22.1)

Postponed until v22.2

We will add a new validation API to our editors. This API will offer more control over data validation.


Runtime Series Label Customization (v22.1)

In Development

We will extend the Chart API to allow you to format series label text at runtime.

Export (v22.1)

In Development

You will be able to call a new Export method to export a chart to the following formats:

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • GIF

Data Binding for Multi-Value Series (v22.1)

In Development

For series with multiple values, we will add the new API to define data fields for individual values:

  • Financial Series - new OpenValueField, HighValueField, LowValueField, CloseValueField properties
  • Range Series - new Value1Field and Value2Field properties

Selection (v22.2)

In Development

We plan to extend our Blazor Chart's selection capabilities with the following functionality:
  • Selection for separate points and entire series
  • Single and Multiple selection modes
  • Programmatic access to selected series and points

Palette Customization (v22.2)

Not Yet Started

We will add an ability to set a palette for a chart - a set of colors used to paint series in multi-series charts or pie chart sectors. A separate palette will allow you to color charts regardless of the application theme. 


.NET 7 Support for non-Windows Platforms (v22.1 & v22.2)

Blazor Server
In Development

As you may already know, System.Drawing.Common was deprecated for non-Windows operating systems in .NET 6 and higher. See the help topic from .NET documentation for more information: System.Drawing.Common only supported on Windows.

This breaking change affects those using DevExpress Reports on Linux and macOS (we use System.Drawing.Common to measure document text and render graphic objects including shapes, pictures, and charts). To address rendering-related issues on non-Windows operating systems, we will work on our own cross-platform rendering engine based on the SkiaSharp library throughout this year.

In this release cycle (v22.1), we will update our internal API to use our new cross-platform implementation for all System.Drawing classes not supported in .NET 6 and higher (Image, Bitmap, Font, Pen, Brush, etc.).

Once complete, we'll refine our public API and implement its cross-platform counterparts for use on non-Windows platforms. After completion, you will need to replace System.Drawing object calls with custom DevExpress counterparts to maintain continuity for apps that target .NET 7 (if they are deployed to Linux-based servers). This part of our transition will likely finish by year end (v22.2).

Parameters - Server-Side Filtering for Cascading Parameters (v22.1)

In Development

We expect to offer a new feature for nested parameters that display dynamic lists of values. If a user changes the value of a parent report parameter, you can run a parametrized SqlDataSource query or invoke a stored procedure to update the list of values for the child report parameter. This functionality will be also available for MongoDbDataSource and EFDataSource.

Cross-Tab Enhancements (v22.1)

In Development

We're going to expand the Cross-Tab capabilities for end-users and address the following requests:

  • Calculate custom totals and grand totals with expressions
  • Calculate distinct count summary
  • Conditionally hide rows and colums based on neighbor cell values
  • Apply Html-inspired formatting to cross-tab cells

Also, if time permits, we hope to introduce the ability to prevent cells, row/column groups from being split across page breaks (KeepTogether functionality).

Web Report Designer - Federation Data Source (v22.1)

In Development

The Web Report Designer Data Source Wizard will include a new option to create combined (federated) queries from different data sources. Your end-users will be able to create all supported query types: joins, unions and transforms.

Blazor WebAssembly (ASP.NET Core Hosted) Reporting Components (v22.1)

Blazor WebAssembly (ASP.NET Core Hosted)
Not Yet Started

We'll introduce a set of components for Blazor WebAssembly and ASP.NET Core backend. We expect to use our JavaScript-based Blazor Server Reporting Components as a base and offer a wrapper compatible with this technology. Our next step is to offer similar capabilities for our Blazor Native Report Viewer.

Rich Text Editor

Mail Merge (v22.1)

In Development

We will introduce mail merge support to our Blazor Rich Text Editor in our v22.1 release cycle. The mail merge implementation will allow you to bind the control to an external data source, preview dynamic content, and execute the final merge operations.

Ribbon Customization (v22.1)

In Development

We expect to incorporate Ribbon UI customizations in our v22.1 release cycle. Through customization, you will be able to hide, modify default ribbon items, and add custom items to the Rich Text Editor’s default UI ribbon.

Navigation and Layout

Form Layout  Enhancements (v22.1 & v22.2)

Postponed until v22.2

  • Collapsible groups will allow you to expand and collapse Form Layout groups using UI elements and in code.

  • New group header icon API will allow you to easily add custom icons to a form layout group header. 

Not Yet Started

  • Compact size mode will reduce margins and paddings (to free up space on a page). 

TreeView - Search (v22.1)

In Development

We will add a search UI to our TreeView for Blazor. New settings will allow you to customize the control’s UI and search behaviors. Additionally, we will introduce an ability to search and filter nodes in code.

Your Feedback Matters

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