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09 June 2022

As you may already know, the Microsoft .NET team has announced the end of life support for the .NET 5 framework:

.NET 5.0 will reach end of support on May 10, 2022. After the .NET May updates, Microsoft will no longer provide servicing updates, including security fixes or technical support, for .NET 5.0. You'll need to update the version of .NET you're using to a supported version (.NET 6.0) before this date in order to continue to receive updates. -Rahul Bhandari (MSFT)

Accordingly, DevExpress Blazor UI Components v22.1+ will no longer support .NET 5. If you are targeting Blazor and wish to use our newest Blazor components, we ask that you upgrade your projects to .NET 6 (DevExpress has supported .NET 6 since v21.2). If you cannot upgrade to .NET 6, you can continue to use v21.2 in your .NET 5 Blazor projects.

By moving to .NET 6, we've leveraged important framework features, including:

  • custom elements - used throughout our Blazor component lineup (Data Grid, Popup, DropDown, and Flyout)
  • custom event arguments - used to create C# event handlers for JavaScript events without JSInterop

Update your application

To upgrade your application to .NET 6, I recommend the steps outlined in these Microsoft resources:

.NET 7

As you may know, Microsoft will likely release .NET 7 later this year.

While .NET 7 is currently in preview mode, we are actively testing our components with the upcoming framework and are engaged with the Microsoft Blazor team. Of course, once .NET 7 is officially released, we will publish an official support announcement and a compatible release build.

If you're testing .NET 7 previews for 'AoT Compilation' or 'Link Trim Mode' features, please refer to this blog post for information on limitations.


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