Blazor Rich Text Editor — Mail Merge (v22.1)

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24 August 2022

As you may know, our most recent major update (v22.1) introduced a new Mail Merge feature within the DevExpress Blazor Rich Text Editor.

Mail Merge automates the creation of many business-specific documents, including catalogs, reports, and external communications. To integrate this feature in your Blazor app, you need to bind a data source to a rich text document with merge fields. Our Rich Text Editor will automatically replace merge fields in the document with information from the bound data source.

To begin, simply assign a data source to the Data property (to bind data to your document template):

<DxRichEdit …>
        <DxMailMergeSettings Data="@DataSource" />
protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync() {
    // …
    DataSource = await CustomDataService.GetCustomDataAsync();
    await base.OnInitializedAsync();

Add { MERGEFIELD "field name" } fields to you document to create a document template. Our Blazor Rich Text Editor's UI allows you to insert merge fields based on the bound data source, preview merged data, and “navigate” through data records.

Mail Merge UI

The Rich Text Editor’s built-in Mail Merge dialog allows you to configure mail merge settings and start mail merge operations. Once the operation is complete, the control exports result to a file (using the specified format) and downloads the file to the local machine.

Mail Merge dialog

The following image demonstrates merge results. In this document, merge results are separated with paragraphs, but the component can also start each result with a new page.

merge results

Feel free to explore our Online Demo and online help file to learn more about our new Mail Merge feature.

Before we let you go

Please let us know if mail merge is an important requirement within your Blazor app. If it is, please describe your current implementation and how we can extend this particular feature to better address your business needs.

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